Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Critters

Hello everyone. If you are planning on dressing your pet up next year here are some tips. Critters do look adorable in their costumes! Remember though, safety comes first. Here are a few safety tips for costume wearing critters.🐹.                        

When putting on your pets costume, examine it. Most costumes have parts your pet could swallow or chew on, and therefore should be avoided. Make sure your pet can walk around in his costume, and never ever force him into a costume you want him to wear. To a dog or cat, his fur is his clothing, so that'd be like a person wearing clothes over clothes. If he struggles you should not put a costume on him. Make sure you have the right size for your pet so he won't have a tight costume.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall fun

Pumpkin carving and gutting today. I made a cute carving with Daisy and Mickey on it.

Favorite artwork

Just all my favorite artwork I did so far.(no for sale....yet!)

Dog(bad lighting...sorry)


Polar bear


Brown bear

Horse rough sketch

Comic art



Daisy foam art(ancient)


Daisy charcoal + mixed art tools drawing

Eagle framed art

Daisy mixed media art

Here are more stuff in a separate portfolio .

Comic cover

Paint practicing.....I didn't think I kept this. /:

One of many comics

First Daisy (from the comic )drawing ever....... Wow

Speaking of comics.... Here is the daily Pawprints comic: 

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Adventures of Bunnies

Hello everyone! The Daisy here! Just some comics I put together to show the hilarious antics of our fellow rabbits. Enjoy!


Monday, October 21, 2013

House bunny ebook

On my Nook I found a cute house bunny ebook called Hershey the House Rabbit. It talks about the life of a bunny as a pet in his own words. It may sound cheesy, but it is very good! For any house rabbit owner this is a must-buy.

I got the sample first to check it out and it was great! Love this book.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Celebrate The Anniversary of Critter corner!

Today we celebrate Critter Corner's 1st "anniversary", so to speak. I promised all you fans a tribute to the blog, so here ya go. I'm so excited for this, and I hope you are too! 
I'll start by showing you the five top most popular posts.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Everybody loves Critter Corner!

A year ago I probably would've been very surprised if I saw the success of Critter Corner now. Thank you everyone for reading CC and giving us such positive feedback over this time! Remember that CC's "birthday" is coming up on October 18, and I hope to have lots of comments on that post! So I'd like to thank everybody in the USA for reading Critter Corner and making it a top web search. I also thank all of our Canadian friends and those in the United Kingdom, Austrailia, Russia, and various countries. As you may have noticed, I added lots more labels and tabs for easier web search. And PLEASE remember to scroll down to the very bottom of the blogs home page - there is a lot of great info and plenty of fun tips, polls, and more! An important feature at the bottom of the home page is a translator for different languages to make blog enjoyment easier and more flexible for those who need it. Also, I hope for more subscribers - it's easier to check in on CC when you can't always go to our site. Sorry about the "submit" button glitch appearance, I noticed that a while ago and couldn't fix it but it gives no problems to your email address or account. I was worried someone may think it's spam or a virus link, but that is just how the Blogger gadget was. ):
Anyways, thank you everybody for supporting me and my blog. When I I started it up I figured it would be for my family and friend's enjoyment only. Now I am so grateful for all these viewers and subscribers! Thank you Cute Overload, My House Rabbit, House Rabbit Society, The Daily Bunny, and more for making my blog an even bigger success! If you have a blog as well, dear readers, and you comment on one of my posts, I will be sure to check it out. I love seeing all my reader's pets! Also, if you have a critter question, just put it on as Ask Us, not a post related to your question. I will be able to answer it faster. If you submitted a question via email or Ask Us, be sure to check back on it - I have replied, most likely. If you would like to submit a suggestion for the blog or ask a detailed critter question, submit it at the Suggestions feature. I love getting those suggestions to help make CC a more fun place! 

I hope everybody will read the October 18 Tribute To CC post coming up, as it has lots of highlights and FUN! See you soon!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The wonderful life of a rabbit owner......

"What are you doing?" asks my house bunny with her brown eyes.
Why must rabbits ask these questions? She moves her ears in an irresistible way and the next minute she is stretched out on the couch. 
"Now you better not - " She tosses the remote on the floor. 
She jumps off the couch and starts chewing the remote buttons. Suddenly, the channel changes to some weird informercial about Tupperware containers. 
Her nose twitches in her little laughing-like way.

This is what it is like to have a rabbit as a pet. They are affectionate and loving but also stubborn and annoying. 

Daisy will grump, mutter, grump and gripe, and has something to say about everything. 
Feeding her dinner? "You're not doing it fast enough!"
 Adding hay? "You woke me up for THIS???"
 Cleaning the litterbox? "I wasn't done with that yet!" 
What mischief is "The Bun" getting into?

And yet she still is super affectionate and will groom my hair and clothes often. She leans into her head scratches and clicks her teeth in pleasure when she gets a massage. She nuzzles your nose and follows by your legs when you walk around and is as-sweet-as-you-please to house visitors. 
Then again, she is as stubborn as a mule.
She will not listen to what you say, but rabbits cannot be really trained to do tricks. 
On her harness, she pulls and wants to explore every area of the yard, making the person on the other end trip and fall.

When you want her to do something she doesn't care. She can't be punished, either. As prey animals, if I hit or yelled at a bunny, they might be scared to death. Rabbits can only be barricaded and closed off.

She has a mind of her own and is filled with personality. Rabbits are not starter pets and need LOTS of room to show of their unique personalities. Most people consider them farm pets and don't think of them as cats and dogs in smaller packages. BUT... they are! Bunnies are animals that act just like cats and dogs mixed into one - therefore they shouldn't be stuck in a cage all day! If somebody read this and said "Ha! Rabbits are boring and they don't have personalities.", they'd be wrong. A bored rabbit is boring and if they are treated like the stereotype animals(cute, cuddly, easy pets,)they AREN'T, then they will act boring and will not show off those unique personalities... Or rather rabbit-alities!

My bun is watching me type away. 

Uh oh.
She's hopping over. She's sniffing the keyboard. She puts her two front paws on it.bhububuhbbhububjhjinkjjjkjhijhjihihihihjihihihihihihihihihhjijh Hhhhhhhh hhhhhjj jdkklkjljkokjonbjnnbjnbfun  funjhhhhdhsshshshs.   Hjjjj$$$$$)))(€€€#%%%^

Sorry. Bunny keyboard attack. 

"When will you feed me?" My bunny asks.

I sigh.

Friday, October 11, 2013

My Favorite Article in's magazine Critters USA

My favorite article in the 2013 Critters USA magazine is definitely Handle with Care. I feel that it is very important to learn how to handle your small pet to avoid any injury. As an owner of two pet rabbits and a hamster I agree they are both delicate species that should be handled with extreme caution. Caroline Charland certainly explained this well along with her wonderful photos. A lot of critters die from falls because they were being held improperly, therefore, the boxes below that list ways NOT to hold your pet are vital to any inexperienced pet owner. I use this article frequently when someone asks me about handling their critter and it has been a reference during those times.
 As for my pets, Mickey, a fancy Russian dwarf hamster, probably enjoys the article called Clean Hamster, Happy Hamster. Not only has it provided his owner(me) with lots of helpful info about cage cleaning, I'm sure MIckey appreciates it as well. 

Mickey looks a lot like one of the hamsters in the article which is obviously the same type!

One of our buns, Daisy, certainly loves this magazine as well. Her favorite article is Don't You Want Some Bunny To Love?, mainly because it has helped us bond over the years.

My loveable bun-girl grooming me while I stroke her.

Nibbling on some hay

Our other rabbit, Lily, is being bonded with Daisy, and this article has been giving us some pointers on bonding them safely and effectively.

The other magazine, Rabbits USA, has also helped me in creating a better environment for our house rabbits and led me to choose pens over cages. 

Thanks to Small Animal Channel's Critters USA (and Rabbits USA), our pets are living a healthy and happy life and I, as their pet owner, am satisfied with the magazine's articles and fun games, tips, and more! I will miss Critters USA issue publications, but I certainly give credit to them for guiding me in pet ownership with reliable and detailed information I really needed over these years. My pets and I thank Critters USA and the website for making their safe and happy lives possible! (:

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Great Bunn Products for Rabbits and their owners by Daisy!

Hello, It's Your favorite bunny... Daisy! 

What's goin' on, you ask? Well the buzz around here is some new rabbit products I've been checking out for all my bunny friends to see. My friends include some great bunn-bloggers like the ones at My House Rabbits Bunny Blog or Lola the Lovely Lop... Well you get the picture! 

The first product all you rabbits out there need this fall is a very nice pen on It comes with a red material thing underneath it. Finally, a pen specifically for bunnies! On the market! Mine works just fine, but this is great! 

Next up, we have a product for house bunny owners out there. 
Support HRS and their bunnies in need with DVDs about rabbit ilnesses and care. I think it's extremely important to be able to see the signs and it helps rabbits that HRS rescues. Please go to for more information.

Next we have a Marshall Pet Comfort Harness decked in cool fall colors. This is great for rabbits who love to take walks outdoors like me. The leash and harness is secure and comfy for bunny and owner. I would TOTALLY wear this trend!
Next we have a cool looking product by Fins, Furs, & Feathers inc. This looks great to chew on and fun to hide in. It would be a great addition to your home and the wood is 100% safe!

Finally a product my owner has and proudly can say she LOVES! This is a great down-to-earth guide for both beginners and experienced bunn owners! T his should be the first guide you purchase before you add a bunny to your heart and home! 5 star rating from a bunny like me and it has GREAT medical info that can save your pets life!