Friday, October 11, 2013

My Favorite Article in's magazine Critters USA

My favorite article in the 2013 Critters USA magazine is definitely Handle with Care. I feel that it is very important to learn how to handle your small pet to avoid any injury. As an owner of two pet rabbits and a hamster I agree they are both delicate species that should be handled with extreme caution. Caroline Charland certainly explained this well along with her wonderful photos. A lot of critters die from falls because they were being held improperly, therefore, the boxes below that list ways NOT to hold your pet are vital to any inexperienced pet owner. I use this article frequently when someone asks me about handling their critter and it has been a reference during those times.
 As for my pets, Mickey, a fancy Russian dwarf hamster, probably enjoys the article called Clean Hamster, Happy Hamster. Not only has it provided his owner(me) with lots of helpful info about cage cleaning, I'm sure MIckey appreciates it as well. 

Mickey looks a lot like one of the hamsters in the article which is obviously the same type!

One of our buns, Daisy, certainly loves this magazine as well. Her favorite article is Don't You Want Some Bunny To Love?, mainly because it has helped us bond over the years.

My loveable bun-girl grooming me while I stroke her.

Nibbling on some hay

Our other rabbit, Lily, is being bonded with Daisy, and this article has been giving us some pointers on bonding them safely and effectively.

The other magazine, Rabbits USA, has also helped me in creating a better environment for our house rabbits and led me to choose pens over cages. 

Thanks to Small Animal Channel's Critters USA (and Rabbits USA), our pets are living a healthy and happy life and I, as their pet owner, am satisfied with the magazine's articles and fun games, tips, and more! I will miss Critters USA issue publications, but I certainly give credit to them for guiding me in pet ownership with reliable and detailed information I really needed over these years. My pets and I thank Critters USA and the website for making their safe and happy lives possible! (:

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