Friday, June 28, 2013

Cruelty-Free App!

I am sooooo excited because now instead of looking it up I can just read from this free app's list of products. This app is awesome and helpful as well. Check it out at your App Store! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

What do No-Testing Brands look like?

So some comments I have got are about my posts about no cruelty brands. You wanted pictures of products so you would know what to look for. Here you go!

Hand soap

Countertop sprays

Dish Soap

Laundry soap
Bathroom Cleaner

Body Wash 


Hand lotion

I will do more for other products as well!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Critter Corner?

A sign I came across at the Howell Nature Center. Funny! This might be my profile picture from now on!

Another Spotlight Critter: Peppermint!

We have a new Spotlight Critter here as well!

Hi, I'm Peppermint, a girl Nubian goat. I'm three months old and I'm sweet but I can be feisty! Pumpkin who is my mommy, my twin brother Pip, and my Auntie Mavis(really not my auntie)and I live and play outside. My favorite foods are raisins and sunflower seeds. I love it when my owners take me and my family out into the woods and bend down little trees for us to eat. I would love to be on Critter corner because it's so AWESOME! :D

(Nubian Goats look like this: 

They are suuuupper cute with their little floppy ears and pretty colors. Alpine Goats have upright ears that are pointy.)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Spotlight Critter: Hudson!

I'm Hudson, a male ferret and I love chew toys!
I play with my friend Mallory, a girl ferret! I am energetic and I love Wild Weasel treats. Yum! My owners 
Loooooooove me and I sleep in a blue dog bed! I am so happy to be on this blog! Wick Wick! (Ferrets make this noise, ferret-newbies)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Independence Day Drawing Contest

A short but sweet post today! So everyone who can't buy a drawing of mine can still get one to print! Comment below and tell us your pet or favorite animal and we'll announce the winner on July 4th! (yes, Independence Day Contest!) I will have a drawing of that animal you can double click and print! (YAY!) That way you get a free drawing by me! Stay tuned and comment, comment, comment! Please! Tell everyone about this CC contest as well! Thank you!

Gerbil Playtime Tips

So, finally an information post. All my "gerbil posts" made a crowd, for some reason. And who could resist a inquisitive gerbil as a pet anyways? I almost walked home with one on my "new-hammie shoppin'-spree!" Anywho... Those gerbils are nifty critters that jump. Pent-up critters can get a disorder which makes them spin in circles uncontrollably. To avoid that happening, you must let your gerbil out of the cage(or at least have human interaction with them) every other day. When you can't let him out, supply little activities for them. (I discussed this with rat playtime as well.) For example, cardboard tubes, tissue paper, and glass jars are easy ways to let your gerbil have in-cage fun. Keep reading for more gerbil activities and ways to play with your
bouncing buddy.

In-Cage and Out-of Cage Fun

Since gerbils are energetic rodents, I don't recommend playing with them simply in their cage, but if you really can't exercise him for a day or two, small "gifts" for them to play on can be fun. By gifts, I mean pet store items or even safe stuff around your house. Toys that say "Small Rodent" on them actually aren't ideal for gerbils because gerbils are climbers and jumpers, so use wooden toys or a bird item for your gerbil like a climbing branch or chewing wood block. Gerbils even enjoy outdoor critter's nest boxes and small bird feeders. PVC tubes are a must for gerbils if you own any loose ones around your garage or house. Small segments of these tubes can be put in the cage for hiding and running. Dust bath ceramic containers are perfect for gerbils when you fill them with special chinchilla/gerbil/hamster sand.(Usually called Critter Sand) Wooden blocks in a child's playbin are fun for gerbils too. You can build little bridges for him and the kids will love to help.
For outside cage play in your gerbil-safe area(see below), the above idea all work. You can get training items from everyday things around your home. Plastic toy horse ramps and jumps work GREAT for any gerbil-training sessions. Make sure the toys are sturdy or the gerbil won't go on them.

Location for the Gerbil Playplace - Outdoors a Good Idea?

My answer: NO! Gerbils are obviously energetic creatures, so even the calmest gerbil could go fanatic when he meets The Great Outdoors. Even critter play pens won't work outdoors, since they could still easily escape at any circumstances. I am very annoyed with products sold in pet stores that people assume to be right, but are wrong! (For example, Bunny Bath? Shampoo for pet rabbits?) I saw a "gerbil-sized" leash and harness for gerbils that was a smaller version of a ferret counterpart. Really? Even ferrets on leashes can be risky. Never Ever Ever EVER let your gerbil play outside. It could lead to heatstroke, hypothermia, or other health problems. Not to mention they could run away. Instead, your gerbil should play indoors. The playpen is one option, and a bathroom or bathtub is also a solution. Your gerbil needs a big space, so if you do have a large room without a lot of stuff in it, great! 

Never let your gerbil play in a....

Messy room
A room with a lot of furniture
Place with a lot of people or a lot of pets
Dirty or unkept area
A room where other gerbils that have never met your gerbils play or are inhabitants of

So you get the idea. With the right toys and location, a gerbil is a happy pet. Remember to let your gerbil have access to his cage while playing. Gerbils feel nervous without their cage around. If he seems aggressive or scared, put him away him right away and put the cage in a safe spot away from whatever's scaring him. The more you engage with your gerbils, the more you delight and surprise you. 
It's so amazing that the right time and attention these small creatures can be wonderful pets and companions.

(Also, to see a few of my favorite videos of trained gerbils in action, YouTube:

"Herman the show jumping gerbil"
"Agility Gerbil - Binky" 

It's really amazing!)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

All My Daisy Drawings

I have so many Daisy drawing I might just show you them! Here are all the ones I have done. They are all about her comic series I have created and they are based on that. Hope you love 'em!
 In one of the comics she befriended another wild rabbit.
                                                                   A favorite drawing of her.

Tribute to her comic self

I also have a few samples of her comics:

I sketch her out in pencil and then ink it in with pen! A comic of her is a lot of work!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mickey Introduces Himself

Mickey: As everyone knows, I may have not made a proper introduction.
Daisy: Riiiight.
Mickey:  So I might as well do that.
Daisy:  Uh huh.
Mickey:  AHEM! So hi everyone! I'm Mickey. A hamster. Cool, right?
Daisy: Yahuh.
Mickey:  Is that all you say?
Daisy: Sorta.
Mickey: Well, Sheesh.
Daisy: Yeah. You're telling me that.
Mickey: Well You used to do a "Daisy and Peanut News Whatchamacallit" So I thought I would be part of that now. You know, a "Daisy and Mickey News Whatc-"
Daisy: I get it! Sure. Fine. Whatever.
Mickey: Well don't have to be mean about it. The news? The questions? What happened to them?
Daisy: I guess we could have a news report. But you'll never take Peanut's place.
Mickey: I didn't say that at all. I simply asked to be part of the things you used to do with Peanut.
Daisy: FINEEEE. 
Mickey: Well if we do news reports for Julia's blog we have to get along.
Daisy: FIRST of all, my owner prefers the name Nature Girl, second of all, why are you so optimistic?
Mickey: Well why are you so GRUMPY?
Daisy: Because you're so optimistic.
Daisy: Now leave me alone.
Mickey: But...
Mickey: Ugh. Fine. If you want to be alone it's fine with me. I mean, seriously.
Daisy: Whatever. I guess you can stay as long as you aren't annoying.
Mickey: Well if you think being nice is annoying, then yes, I will be.
Daisy: Hey. Let's just get this over with.
Mickey: Grump.
Daisy: Teachers pet.
Mickey: Hey! Where did that rude comment come from?? So now you think I'm a "Teacher's pet," Huh?
Daisy: Well you just seem to get more love because, well, you know..... You're just....
Sorta... Uh...Er... chubby.
Mickey: So you're jealous of me because I'm chubby.
Daisy: Yeah. And cute.
Mickey: But you know our owner never would favor one pet because he was new. People like that lose interest of their pets and neglect them. OUR owner would never do such a thing. Even I know that. 
Daisy: Well. I guess you have learned something. But I'm still not doing the news today. Too tired of arguing. 
Mickey: Same here.
Mickey: And I'm also REALLLLLLLYYYYY sorry for being so optimistic.
Daisy: Um, you don't have to be sorry. I was acting kinda weird.
Mickey: Still, I want to set things straight.
Daisy: So we'll see you soon folks, with answers to your questions, and plenty of news!
Mickey: And Me! Oh, and Daisy of course. Heeh heh.
Daisy: Yes. plenty of ME! Oh, and him. Anyways, bye. Next post, sugar glider nutrition!
Mickey: What's a sugar glider? 
Daisy: You'll see. Anyways, BYEEE!
Mickey: YAAAWWnnn... Yah. Bye. Gotta goo to sleeeeppp.. Now.... HonkShu....

Monday, June 17, 2013

Small Animal Channel's Cover Creator!

If you read Small Animal Channel animal magazine's, you'll love these great covers to create! Choose from ferret or rabbit, or visit their sister sites and create a fish, bird, dog, cat, or horse cover as well! Daisy tried out her rabbit cover for fun! Cute, right?


Just a reminder to CC readers, you are welcome to make plenty of suggestions for us at Critter Corner because we really want your feedback. For example, a Critter Corner reader says via private comment to "Please do more Spotlight Critters!" We will do plenty of Spotlight Critter entry's as long as people comment and submit their pets for our blog. Another comment tells Critter Corner, "How about a Critter Recipe Corner?" GREAT idea! These and other suggestions will be answered and put to action soon. As you may know, we are moving, so it's very hard to keep the blog running smoothly. (And for some news here, we are moving in the country so there will be plenty of posts pertaining to farm animals!) 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Products that don't test on animals

Yeah, I know. This is a short list. There's many more products out there. I'll be sure to add onto this one too. Okay guys, and listen, New York Color (NYC)is so confusing so I won't add it because their website never clarifies they REALLY do not test. Also several vegan websites state emails they sent inquiring about the testing were never replied.

100% pure
Acne Free
Bare Essentials
Beauty Without Cruelty
Burt's Bees
Free And Clear
Gold Bond
Proactive Sol.
Sally Hansen
Sea Breeze
Bath &Body Works(Specially marked products)

To see if they test of not, there is a symbol of a rabbit (the international poster child) that states cruelty free or says "not tested". Some products that do test say, FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE AND SAFETY WE TEST OUR PRODUCTS or some other thing like that. Remember, just because something says All Natural doesn't mean it helps nature or animals. Thats a common mistake when searching for only cruelty free products. I really have gotten into making others aware of testing on animals and how terrible it is even past April. It's especially horrible if you have a pet yourself and couldn't imagine anyone doing that to an animal. Go to BeautyWithoutBunnies to see a search box for certain "cruelty free" or "cruelty plus"products.

My list was just of super common things that people have in their homes. (If you are unsure about New York Color you can do more research but from what I've seen it looks like the nail polish company does test.)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Most-Known Brands That Test On Animals

Here Is A list of Brands that test on animals. It's obviously not a complete list but I will add onto it later on.

Banana Boat
Estée Lauder
Herbal Essentials
Mars Candy
Oscar de larenta
Ralph Lauren

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cute Things Falling Asleep

So there's actually a WEBSITE just about cute animals falling asleep? How did I not see this?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Daisy Adoption Day on July 4th

Since I got Daisy on Independence Day, we always make a cake along with an Independence Day dessert of some sort. Hope you can celebrate her adoption and join CC for a Fourth Of July special post and info about keeping pets safe and calm on the fireworks night. Daisy's Adoption Day will be fun for Critter Corner readers and will be the spotlight of Daisy's Page that week.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Today is Hug Your Cat Day

June 3rd-4th is Hug Your Cat Day. So hug your kitty and have fun with him today and tomorrow. Meow!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cat Training Tips

When training cats, remember that cats, unlike dogs, don't do a trick to see the owner happy, they want something out of it. Use a yummy treat for your cat when training him.

Cats get bored easily, and they slink away at any time. Keep it simple and don't push it.

Train your cat in a room without any other animals in it to avoid distraction.

Use a clicker for your cat.

Let your cat explore what you're going to do. For example, if your cat is going to jump into a hoop, let him sniff and sit in the hoop beforehand.

Put treats in the area and around the prop if you need one to get the cat to trust it.

Never force your cat to go in or do something.

If you are using multiple commands in one trick, do each trick individually, then put them together slowly.

If you are performing in front of a crowd, use your friends or family first to test out his shyness. Let him see where he'll be performing beforehand.

Be clear when telling your cat commands.

Start simple.