Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I got my C&C Cage!

(Note: I've been trying to publish this for awhile, but the WiFi wouldn't let me publish it, although by all other means it was working fairly well. I actually got this cage almost about a month ago, give or take a few days. Sorry. ^_^ )

 I ordered my 2 x 3.5 (grids) C&C cage on Friday and it came today for a very happy owner to assemble and place her very happy pig in the brand new cage!
It was very easy to assemble, and it gives enough room-to-roam for Iggy. I used decorative duct tape to put on the corners so it was very secure, and I picked out nice white grids and a navy-blue Coroplast base that makes it very similar to the old cage.

(Speaking of, the old cage is going in the basement with Mickey's old cage, and it will eventually be used for future animals.) ^_^

A very happy piggy explores his new cage. (I imagine him saying, "Wha...? You're taking a picture now?")

A view of the right side.

A view of the left side. (The green bag is a homemade hay bag I made out of a bag I got a long, long while ago at a gift shop. I never used it, so the creation of a guinea pig hay bag happened. Things like these seem to be begging me to make good use of them, and so, what better use for this than a hay bag? It's very cute and Ignatius loves it.)

And, I am sorry for forgetting to take pictures during the assembling part of it. I was going to, then I forgot, and realized after. I hope this mini-tour is okay instead. :3

Monday, September 8, 2014

Guinea Pig Treat Review: Brown's EXTREME Baked Gourmet Small Animal Muffins

I got these a while ago from a friend, for Iggy and Mickey and the rabbits to try. 
These treats are by the 'Brown' animal food and supply company. They say that they are perfect for guinea pigs, but in reviews it's important to take a closer look.

Let's look at the ingredients first. 

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sun-Cured Timothy Grass Hay(Ground), Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Papaya, and Calcium Propionate (a preservative).

All of these things seem safe for the delicate tummies of guinea pigs, but do they taste good?

(And just in case you thought so, I'm not going to taste it. Iggy is.)

These look chock-full of healthy Timothy hay! They come in adorable shapes, too. And they smell very fresh. 

Iggy Pig doesn't seem very interested in it. After eating off a bit of papaya, he settled on some crunchy hay instead. 

Rating: 2.5 stars. 
Although the treats are pretty healthy(and cute), it doesn't seem to have a lot of piggy appeal.

Piggy Appeal may vary among guinea pigs.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Goodbye, Mickey

Today was the day that little Mickey passed away. It might of been in the night, or this morning - but I found him at about 8:56, curled up in his little hamster hideout. I'm not quite sure how it happened - he seemed very thin and his scent gland had yellow discharge coming from it, so it may have been some type of blockage.
Goodbye little Mickey, I will miss you. 

(Blogger is giving me troubles, but on Friday or so, there will be a post, hopefully.)

- Julia