Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Popeye (?!)

Jasmine has Popeye, which is when the eye's "clear eyelid" gets popped out so it looks like a large bubble covering her eye. This is fine, and it eventually gets deflated. It is caused by irritation to the "eyelid" due to uneaten food that floats up and gets at the eye. I am worried about the disease she might have , which creates a "pine cone look" as the scales peel back and get brittle. This causes, red, raw skin and is probably itchy for her. It basically demolishes scales that just is all open flesh. I commented on Bubbles and Bettas blog which is a great blog! I am just waiting for the question to be answered.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Ooookay? Part 2

So I got up this morning and found my poor fish like you see in the pictures. It looks like she has either been eating at herself or has turned into a fish zombie..... The small horn thing is gone and it looks like it was ripped off, leaving a big open wound. If there was a vet just for fish, would he say it would be best to just put her out of her misery? I have never been an expert with fish as much as I am for furry pets, since fish are harder to understand. Daisy seems less grumpy this morning, maybe her stomach hurt since yesterday she found where I hid yogurt treats and stole from the bag!! Now Peanut is grumpy.......She runs on her wheel during the day, not at night, so I think her schedule got messed up. The chicken prints......I am thinking they are from a crow since it was at the end of the driveway around the trash. In the winter there are lots of animals around the house anyway, so I am not too worried. Jasmine is they only one who may die. If she does, I think I should reconsider and maybe try a goldfish or something. I think a GloFish tank would be cool....maybe for my birthday.....In December.......!!!

Still, if she dies, I will be very sad. She was a nice fish! So you will have to keep hoping she will get better. We will go to the pet store and find some meds for her if she is looking worse tomorrow. I will keep you posted!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


For some reason I have been experiencing weird things lately. Jasmine's (female betta fish)eye has mysteriously gotten inflamed and there is this weird horn-like bump above her eye! She is usually a very spunky girl, but all she wants to do is hide behind her jewel rock and slowly come out for food. I mean, I wouldn't blame her, because if I had something that looked as painful as that I wouldn't want people to bother me or take pics of me! Another weird thing is Daisy. She got angry at me when I was trying to take her harness off that she grumbled in a non-Daisy like way. She then ran across the floor from the front door to her cage and got in. She wouldn't come out and had this grumpy sitting position with her head all tucked in.
She perked up when I gave her a treat. I think it was the fact I announced I was....Dum dum dum.....going to cut her nails once I found the nail clippers.(which she probably hid to avoid any major crisis--Like I'm going to hurt her why cutting nails! I never had, so I wonder what's the problem....?)
Finally, I know this sounds weird but this chicken is stalking us!

I found these large, chicken-like three toed clawed feet by the end of the driveway, and yesterday I found this creepy thing...... The same prints were going up the deck stairs! Okay, this is weird..... I had better go now....... I'll keep you posted on Jasmine and the chicken! With Daisy, I think it is just nerves about the clippers. I still hope I can find them so she can get them trimmed.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stuff For Your Dog!

Today is Critter Corner's "Saturday is Dog Day!" Have fun with the great websites and other dog blogs! (also see some cool products on a few of these websites!)


www.perfectpuppycare.com Learn everything you need to know know about puppies "since puppies don't come with instructions..."

www.babydognames.com  Find the best name for your pooch with Baby Dog Names.

www.vetinfo.com  With Vet Info, you can find trusting medical help for your dog(or cat)

www.dogbreedinfo.com   Get to know your dog breeds or find out the breed of your own dog with this great website!

www.gottalovealab.com   If you love Labs, you'll LOVE this website that's all about....what else? Labs!

www.dogproblems.com  Dog Problems has almost anything you ask as a dog owner.

www.pettravelguides.com   Pet Travel Guides has maps and info on hotels, parks, and other places for you to see whether they accept pets or not.

Dog Blogs

Many other people have a passion for dogs! I will give them all the credit.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Weekly spotlight Question: "Rabbit and other Pets."

Note: This question was summarized from various question websites since this is the first time. This week you can ask your question on Ask Us and instead of answering right away, it could be published on a weekly post and answered by Critter Corner!

           "My rabbit lives in a multi-pet household. He is a sweet curious bunny and really wants to play with our other pets(two dogs, cat, dwarf hamster), but we are worried they could hurt him or vice versa. Sadly, he has to be kept in the bedroom ever since we got the dogs. He used to be in the kitchen but we are unsure if he can now. The types of dogs we own are not hunting breeds. We were wondering if there was some way they could play. What kinds of animals are there that rabbits can interact with?"

        Your rabbit seems very friendly and he doesn't seem like he would be afraid of a dog or cat, but they could hurt him. Dogs are less likely to hurt a rabbit, but a cat is usually the one who will swipe a paw and kill him. First step, you should keep the dog on a leash. The rabbit should be in a crate or pen. Let the dog sniff the rabbit gently, and let the rabbit do the same. If he growls, bites, or barks, take the crate away immediately. If he is friendly and gentle, you can keep doing this every day for practice. Golden retrievers, Great Danes, Labs, and other "gentle giants" usually love rabbits and are least likely to bark or lash out. Small dogs, "aggressive-prone" dogs, and hunting dogs bred to kill animals are not the best at this. If this friendly manner continues within the amount of four to five weeks, it might be time to step up a level. Start by choosing a neutral territory, like a bedroom or another place where neither of the animals feel like they have to protect their possessions/territory.Put the rabbit on a secure harness. Have another person hold the leashed dog. Let the rabbit loose, and hold a loose grip on the dog's leash. If all goes wrong, grab the dog's leash to pull him back, and scoop up the rabbit. If all is well, you can keep practicing this for another four to five weeks until the dog seems normal with the rabbit playing and being around every day.

P.S: Here's a quick tip: When introducing rabbits to one another, remember that if one rabbit has lived there longer, he will feel very distressed if you let the young rabbit sniff the cage while the older rabbit is inside.   Always let the dominant older rabbit explore the cage while the younger rabbit is inside. Then you can branch off from there.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

See Your Pet Hamster's Point of View

Hamsters are solitary creatures. Unlike other friendly animals like rats, rabbits, or ferrets, they are more quiet and can act strangely. If you get confused when you see your hamster doing the following things, here are the answers you need.

What your hamster is doing: Gnawing on cage

Your view: "Oh, Squeak must be trying to tell me something..... Hey, since when was his wheel all chewed up?"

His view: "I wish my owner would let me out! I am so bored! Must chew on things to wear down teeth!"

Solution: Give him items to chew on and/or let him in his hamster ball or play with him in some other way.

What your hamster is doing: Running away from your hand and squeaking at you

Your view: "What's wrong, little hamster? OW! He bit me!"

His view: "That mean human hand is trying to capture me! It is instinct for me to run away from things that try to hurt me!!"

Solution: Approach your hamster calmly and let him come to you. Never grab at him but keep your palm flat and let him crawl into your hand.

What your hamster is doing: Trying to escape or hide in a small place

Your view: "Oh, how cute. He's trying to play peekaboo with me! Now he's going to pop out! Right? Hey, Tiny! Where are you? Tiny????"

His view: "OH NO! My owner is trying to chase me! Help! I am so tired I wish I were home in my cage! Between the couch cushions will do for now...."

Solution: Once again, take care when playing with your hamster. Hamsters love small places to burrow, so be careful when it comes to playtime. If he seems bored or is trying to escape, it may be time to end playtime.

What your hamster is doing: Eyeing a nest of black and white cords under the side table.

Your view: "Oh, how nice. I am playing with Cutie and she is admiring my table, I think. She keeps going over there. Wait......Why won't the phone work? And is that the hamster laying over there under the table?"

His view: "I love to chew! Those black things over there look deeelicious! Yum Yum YU----"

Solution: Never let your hamster play by cords!  They can chew on them and die! Keep her or him in a safe room and possibly barricade off a small area you can supervise and play with him in. Never leave him alone and don't think of this as a permanent playpen/cage!

What your hamster is doing: Scurrying across the floor when he was SUPPOSED to be in the cage!??!!

Your view: "OH NO! Get the cat! The hamster is loooooooose!!"

His view: "Bingo! My owner left the cage door open. Now I can explore! Yippee- What was that noise?
(The cat's view: "OH yes... A nice tasty snack.... Time to pounce! Die, little critter! DIEEEE!! Ha ha ha ha ha!")

Solution: Be careful when it comes to closing the cage. If you seem to forget a lot, post a bold-lettered sticky note by the cage reminding you to remember to close it! (Also, when playing with the hamster, make sure other predatory animals are not around!!)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bunny Grooming Head-to-Toe!

Your bunny has specific grooming needs that you have to fulfill every month. To start, put your bunny on a table and get ready to groom!

Get a Head Start

Your bunny's face and head is very important. Eyes and ears catch build-up, and teeth need to be checked for overgrowth. 

Carefully look at eyes. Get a dry washcloth and gently wipe away any crusty "sleep" that had built up in their eyes. Yellow or white is normal, but dry blood or black, brown, or green ooze is very bad. Immediately contact the vet.
Test the eyes by pretending to poke the eye. If the rabbit blinks, he has good eyesight. But if he does not blink, you should probably know that this means blindness.

Nose and Ears
Gently look up the nose and into the ears. With a cotton swab, CAREFULLY swipe out any "earwax" into view. This means only the area you can see. NEVER, and I mean never, put the cotton swab into the base of the ear. This could fall down and get stuck, cause irritation, or burst the eardrum.

Most rabbits don't like for their mouth to be opened by someone else, but it has to be done. Pull the lips aside gently to see the teeth. Examine them for decay, chipping, overgrowth, bleeding, and then see the other set of teeth. Check the gums for abscesses(they look like white bumps with fleshy spots) and cuts obviously caused by long teeth. Be sure to reward your pet with a treat for good behavior.

Best Foot Forward

Feet on a rabbit can be very delicate. Toes and nails should be checked with care.

Nails on rabbits grow quickly. Rabbits with curled-in nails cannot walk and will get arthritis. Lay the rabbit in a cradling position. If he feels more comfortable curled in a towel, this is also fine. (Daisy does better sitting for her front paws and I simply lift each paw! This probably won't work for your bunny) Start by trimming each toenail. Remember to avoid the quick(The pink/dark vein in the nail.) since it hurts them if it is exposed. Styptic powder helps this problem. Since Daisy's nails are dark, a flashlight really helps to see the quick! When you are done, carefully file the nails to make them less rough and then, if you like, use a wet cotton ball or swab to clean off any debris.

Toes and paws
Check toes to make sure there are not any cuts. Front and back paws need a special amount of steps. First, check for baldness on the feet. Make sure there is no Sore Hocks(A minor foot disease caused by rubbing against wire bars and sitting in urine). You can determine this by baldness, dried blood, and/or purplish-red bumps all on the back feet. Treat this with Neosporin and contact the vet to give tips and possible treatments for the feet. Use a wet cotton ball to clean off the feet if there is dirt and/or dry feces and urine.

Just Fur You

Time to brush the fur! You will need most of these combs and brushes on hand: (Ask vet about long-haired rabbits) Tip: Rabbit's tummies do not need to be brushed. It is a sensitive area that can hurt them. Plus, most "belly fur" comes off during normal activities.
  • Rubber Comb
  • Slicker Brush
  • Flea Comb(optional)
  • Cat Brush
  • Bristle Brush
  • FURminator (optional)
  • Blunt Scissors(for long fur)

First of all, start by using the bristle brush. Skim the fur with this brush. Use this brush to carefully groom the head. 
Next, use the rubber comb to stroke down the back. Do this for a while until it seems to have gotten cleaned up.
Use the flea comb to search through the fur for any parasites.
Use the slicker brush to brush the fur.
Now use the cat brush(usually curved) to comb out all the fur.
Use your hand to slide down the rabbits back to make sure you have combed and brushed the fur well. 


The End

Finally you have to check the tail. 

Urine and feces can get stained in the fur on and around the tail. Use a wipe to remove major stains in the fur.

Scent Glands
The scent glands under a rabbit's chin don't need to be cleaned, but there are two that do. They are located near the tail, close to the genitals. There can be a build-up here, so it is recommended they should be cleaned every time you do your daily grooming routine. Rabbit's scent glands look like a pocket in the skin. When clogged up, they have dark residue stuck in them. Sometimes bits of dried urine and feces can get in here too, so it's and added bonus to clean these out. Get a cotton swab and put warm water on it. With your rabbit cradled between your knees, loosen the debris by gently holding it open between two fingers. Rabbits normally don't like this,(who would?) so remember to give him a special snack or treat when you are done. He probably deserves it!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

QUIZ Part 2: What Kind Of Small Critter Are You?

Enjoy the second Critter Quiz! Print out the page and do the quiz or keep your score with paper. Then tell us your answer in the comments! We'd love to know!

1. What kind of personality do you have?

A) Friendly
B) Spunky
C) Energetic
D) Funny

2. You want a snack. What is the first thing you grab?

A) A sandwich.
B) A slice of leftover birthday cake.
C) A trail mix.
D) Sliced bananas and peanut butter.

3. What do you do in your spare time?

A) Talk to your friends.
B) Try something new.
C) Go exercise.
D) Find funny videos online.

4. Where are you most likely to be?

A) Wherever my friends are.
B) The mall to find some new trends.
C) To the gym.
D) Anywhere I can get a good laugh.

5. What kind of books do you read?

A) Magazines.
B) Exciting Adventure novels.
C) Any books or magazines involving exercise.
D) Humorous novels.


Mostly A's: You are a friendly bunny that loves people. You are highly social and caring about others.

Mostly B's: You are a spunky chinchilla who is not afraid to stand out in a crowd. You like colorful things that are unique and cool.

Mostly C's: You are an energetic hamster that loves to stay fit! You eat a lot of energy bars and healthy trail mix.

Mostly D's: You are a funny rat that likes to make others laugh. You like jokes, and you especially like to watch funny things online!

Friday, February 15, 2013

QUIZ: What Kind of Small Pet Is Best For You?

Enjoy Critter Corner's FIRST Critter Quiz! Friday's fun quiz is about the best small pet for you! Print out the page or use paper to keep track of your score. Have fun!

1. Do you have a lot of time to care for a pet?

A) No, I go to work or school.
B) I have plenty of time.
C) Yes, I have a lot of time, but I spend it doing other activities.

2. How big is your house?

A) Very small.
B) Average.
C) Gigantic!!

3. How many kids/siblings do you have?

A) Many.
B) 2-4 kids.
C) 0-1 kids.

4. Are you squeamish when it comes to smell?

A) Yes.
B) Not really.
C) Not at all.

5. Are you squeamish when it comes to type of pet?

A) No.
B) Not really.
C) Yes.

6. What pet-wanting personality do you have?

A) Affectionate
B) Active/Hilarious

7. How much maintenance are you willing to have to be responsible for?

A) Hopefully not a lot.
B) I don't mind how much.
C) As much as I need to.

8. Are you a first time pet owner?

A) Yes.
B) I have had a few pets in my lifetime.
C) No, I have lots of experience.

9. How long do you want your pet to live?

A) Not a very long time.
B) Average.
C) Long.

10. Do you really promise to love and care for your pet?

A) I will try.
B) Yes.
C) YES!!

RESULTS: (see below the post and click on the tags or use the search box to learn more about each animal.)

Mostly A's: A gerbil, hamster or mouse. 
Mostly B's: A ferret, guinea pig, or rat.
Mostly C's: A rabbit, chinchilla, or hedgehog. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Chinchilla 101

Chinchillas make great pets! Continue reading to learn more about these awesome animals!

Check the post out every day to learn a new subject about chinchillas!'

Top Tips

  • Keep your chinchilla indoors at all times

Colors and Kinds of Chinchillas

When choosing your chinchilla, you can decide between colors and designs on the coat of your chinchilla. 
The most popular coat design for a chinchilla is Standard, which is how you expect a chinchilla to usually look; dark/light gray with flecks of white. The three other coat designs are pink white, self black, and the Wilson White design, a light gray all over. You are least likely to see a black chinchilla, and it is very rare to find one in an all-gray litter. Other coat and breed designs that are not well-known yet include sapphire, black velvet, brown velvet, violet, and royal blue.

Housing Chinchillas

Chinchillas, like hedgehogs, are very special creatures, so they need specific needs. The cage should be a galvanized(rust-proof) wire mesh cage at least 60 cm wide by 45 cm deep by 75 cm high. NEVER buy plastic or glass aquarium cages since they have bad air circulation and plastic can be chewed on. It is very helpful to get a cage with a metal tray that pulls out underneath. The cage should have a water bottle container and a food bowl, several wooden shelves and ladders on the sides of the cage, a sleeping house, a hay bin, and some toys such as a pumice chew or timothy grass chews. Remember to put a sort of platform somewhere on the cage bottom for him to sit on comfortably. Another thing you will need is a small tarp or blanket to cover the back of the cage. Animals like to be under a thing or next to a wall since it makes them feel nervous to be in the middle of the room. A good place for a cage is under a shelf or against a bookshelf or in a comfortable corner.

Chinchillas are unique but great pets.

The pink white coat color displayed on a chinchilla sometimes  has
a distinctive black dot above the eyes.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fun Friday

Due to Michigan's terrible snowstorm and weather, yesterday I had a "TV day" and tried out a cool puzzle. It's called the "Piece-less Puzzle" and it is only one long fabric "branch" that connects together. The one I currently own is double sided and called "Underwater Sanctuary" and "Turtle Reef." This puzzle is GREAT for travel! (You can see why!)


Turtle Reef

Underwater Sanctuary (sorry it is sideways!)

How to put it together.

Before assembling!

It's all one piece!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pictures (Finally!)

Pawprints of a fox.
Up close!

Huge icicles.

On our shed.


Nature Pictures

I heard on the weather that tomorrow there will be a huge snowstorm! I don't think they said how many inches, so I guess we will be "surprised." I was lucky enough to get some nice pictures of nature. We have ENORMOUS icicles on our house! This is the start of my new documentary called "Nature in the Suburbs" that follows a whole year through all four seasons. Thanks, Windows Movie Maker! (sadly, Critter Corner can not display it since edited movies can not go on the blog! Too long and hard to upload, I guess!)

See above for pictures!

Monday, February 4, 2013

More About Hedgehogs

Relating to our older post "Why Hedgehogs?", this post contains even more about hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs are great pets, and pretty cute too. There are very few books about them, though, and so collecting the little information there is, Critter Corner has brought you trusted information about hedgehogs.
Read on for some beginner's information about pet hedgehogs.

Bringing Him Home

         When you first decide you are going to choose a hedgehog for a pet, you have to prepare for his homecoming. (Remember, always get more than one hedgehog!) Hedgehog cages should be comfortable and clean. Your hedgehog likes to burrow and tunnel, so blankets and cardboard tubes are ideal. The living space should have at least 3 square feet of floor space and it should be a wire cage. Like all small pets, living outdoors is a big no-no. Pet hedgehogs may be related to wild ones, but this does not mean he can simply live outdoors. His quills could become infected, and/or fall off completely if he is not kept safe and happy with his humans.
In the cage it should be practical and organized. The water container should be a "gravity feeder" only, since water bowls can drown a pet hedgehog, and water bottles can cause a hedgehog's front teeth to get caught and snap off. Running wheels should always be included, since they run 4 to 7 miles each night.

Play, Introduction and Safety

      Once you have bought your pets and supplies, the next step is to wait a few days for him to get used to things around your house. Putting an old, already-worn T-shirt in the cage helps the hedgehogs get used to your scent. It also doubles as a comfy burrowing blanket! Once the hedgehogs seem to have gotten used to your routine, it's time for step two: the introduction. Pet hedgehogs can get frightened during this step, so it's important to crouch down to his eye level and act calm. Lay your palm in the cage and wait. The hedgehogs will most likely scurry over and sniff your palm, and sometimes even try to sit in it. Do this every day until they seem perfectly calm and normal. Now you can have some fun out-of-cage playtime with your hedgie.

    The next day, put the cage in a room such as a bedroom, large bathroom, or large closet that does not have anything dangerous or something with a gap under it in the room. Fill the room with hedgehog toys and boxes  with small entrances and holes cut into the sides. If you like, cover the floor with a blanket or large towel for them to burrow in. This creates a safe, cozy haven for them to easily explore. Put some cage items on the blanket too, such as the wheel or food bowl so the hedgehog can get to them. Gently open the cage and watch for the hedgehogs. When they come out, you can gently show them toys and make sure they are enjoying themselves!

Fun In The Sun

          If you do want to play with him outdoors, it's best to wait until you have had him for at least a year. Hedgehogs need to get used to indoors before outdoors. When the time comes, your hedgehog should be in a safe pen that is put in the grass. Never take him out in the snow or extreme heat and never leave him or her unattended, even in his playpen.

Handling: Safety for You and Your Hedgehog

        In the post "Why Hedgehogs?" the subject of the quills was discussed. Handling your pet hedgehog is not, and I mean NOT, painful, but it can be painful for him if you handle him incorrectly. Never dangle him by any part of the body. Holding him by a handful of quills can be deadly, since the quills are not meant to remove from the skin. If a quill comes off, he could seriously bleed and get infection to his body. The best time to hold him is when he is not grumpy or frightened. A scared hedgie puffs out his body, and although the quills are no worse than the tooth of a comb, the bite is a bit painful. Hedgehogs do have sharp teeth, and unlike buck teeth of a rat or rabbit, they are fang-like jaws that could draw blood. The important thing to know is this: Holding a hedgehog the right way is to simply cup one hand and slide it down his body and keep it under his arms, and then transport your less dominant hand to support the rest of his weight on his bottom.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bunny Bowl, Super Bowl, or Puppy Bowl?

Today was a "Bowl" day. We watched the Puppy Bowl and every commercial break we checked out the Bunny Bowl goings on. We bought a new toy for the two bunnies and when the football-shaped cardboard tube was tossed, pushed, carried, or thrown under the TOUCHDOWN goalpost, they got 6 points. The two "teams" were the White Lightnings(Daisy) and the Black Knight(Lily). It was close when Lily and Daisy scored both around the same time, but it was not looking good for Daisy when Lily scored again. The game ended when the Puppy Bowl ended. Peanut's "Halftime Show" on her wheel was very entertaining for us, and perhaps it softened up the two rivals a little bit, but who knows? The prize was the new toy, and although Lily(aka the Black Knight) won fair and square, they both got their chew toys that were green and pink. While we watched the Puppy Bowl, we had some snacks!

If you have watched the Puppy Bowl you can comment below to tell us your favorite dog. Mine was the Siberian Husky, Aurora. She was cute and I wished I could snuggle with her so much!

Meet The Black Knight.
Also meet The White Lightning! (party hat not included!)

Daisy prepares herself for the game.

The snacks!

She says hi!

Ooh. That was humiliating! Daisy is embarrassed she lost against
the Black Knight!
Daisy likes her party hat.

Daisy does not enjoy the party hat on her head!

Daisy gets her chew toy!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Groundhogs Day

Today we spent the snowy Saturday by going up to the Howell Conference and Nature Center to see the 14 and-a-half old groundhog Woody predict spring or 6 more weeks of winter. She is the official groundhog of the state of Michigan. Woody has been 11 out of 15 times correct. I video-taped the whole process when they bring her in and she comes out of her specially-made house. P.S In the costume contest, people decided to wear spring/summer outfits and some(like in the video) got crazy about this idea!

Woody predicts......Well, just watch and find out!