Sunday, February 24, 2013


For some reason I have been experiencing weird things lately. Jasmine's (female betta fish)eye has mysteriously gotten inflamed and there is this weird horn-like bump above her eye! She is usually a very spunky girl, but all she wants to do is hide behind her jewel rock and slowly come out for food. I mean, I wouldn't blame her, because if I had something that looked as painful as that I wouldn't want people to bother me or take pics of me! Another weird thing is Daisy. She got angry at me when I was trying to take her harness off that she grumbled in a non-Daisy like way. She then ran across the floor from the front door to her cage and got in. She wouldn't come out and had this grumpy sitting position with her head all tucked in.
She perked up when I gave her a treat. I think it was the fact I announced I was....Dum dum dum.....going to cut her nails once I found the nail clippers.(which she probably hid to avoid any major crisis--Like I'm going to hurt her why cutting nails! I never had, so I wonder what's the problem....?)
Finally, I know this sounds weird but this chicken is stalking us!

I found these large, chicken-like three toed clawed feet by the end of the driveway, and yesterday I found this creepy thing...... The same prints were going up the deck stairs! Okay, this is weird..... I had better go now....... I'll keep you posted on Jasmine and the chicken! With Daisy, I think it is just nerves about the clippers. I still hope I can find them so she can get them trimmed.

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