Thursday, August 29, 2013

Exciting NEWS: Rabbit Pen Update

Hi everyone! Today I must learn again how to use a keyboard. This is the first time in a very long while that I have sat down and used the computer. I used to use the iPad or other mobile device when the internet was not set up in our new house. So, bear with me. Okay, fine. For a proud mom of two awesome house "bunns", it's exciting. We managed to get out "ye old playpen in garage that nobody uses ever since the baby grew out of it" and set it up for Daisy.

(wait a second while I exit out of Firefox and go to Google Chrome because "This server does not support '' due to loading problems." Wha?)

Okay, I'm back.
Anyways, the rabbits have successfully switch-a-rooed from their old cages to new cages/pen. (: They love the new set-ups - the only change is all the room they get! Daisy was getting so big and even with supervised out of cage time and the hours she spent frolicking around our house, she needed more space! We now have the big baby pen up with comfy resting pads and her stuff; she adores it! Lily loves her new(Daisy's old) cage and has enough room to play. Although our bunnies have plenty of room, we always let them out once a day to romp and have fun with the family.(And of COURSE, watch TV! What rabbits goes without watching football at least once a day?)
Daisy is more comfortable in her pen than her smaller cage.
I can agree!

I just read this blog and I think you should read it as well. (Also check out her Critter Care blog)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tissue Paper Fun!

Tissue paper is a great toy for rabbits!
Agh! Can't see you!

Bunny bum!


Playing with tissue paper makes me very, very, sleepy!

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Critter Knitters(More updates!)

I got some new yarn today and started a washcloth with one of the yarns.
(Cotton/wool Bulky Debbie Bliss yarn)

The yarns I got are

"Autumn" multi string yarn

Chunky 100% wool yarn

Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino yarn 

100% wool Pink and Gray

Patons KROY "socks" 

I also got a Warriors book 3: Forest of Secrets. (: By Erin Hunter(:

So, that was a little update for you guys. Tomorrow I promise everyone an "info" post! We are going the adoption shelter(we are getting a puppy or dog!) this weekend, so I am donating my sewing collection of dog and cat toys (which I am making more soon since I only have a few made) to the shelter for the animals as a kind gesture! More about that later! (:

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bats and Bat Houses

We recently got a Bat House for bats because we thought it would be an educational experience - and it will be! We just have to hang in an ideal tree. Since we live in the country, we can put our bat house at the end of our property so we don't attract bats to the house, but suburbans cannot hang a bat house because generally, the houses are closer to each other. Speaking of, there is a bat "problem" in our roof of our house, and a humane exterminator covered up all the holes except one that they go in and out of. He covered that hole with a plastic bag, so last night we had to watch them come out and push away the plastic bag. They came out two or three at a time and flapped away to eat insects for the night, but there was about 10-15 that I saw come out. I was naturally fascinated, and watched them fly out, and I think they are Big brown bats or Little brown bats, they look bigger than little browns  though. The noises are above the master bedroom, which are flapping and "sci-fi" bat sounds. I don't find the noises freaky, but others, including some of the kids, do. Blaise and Benedict are okay with it, but Emerson isn't as happy. She was a little freaked out when she heard the noises, because she thought it was mice, but the noises we heard were not mouse-ish. So, we are ridding of our bat problem, and I'm sure tonight I'll take some pics for you guys. It really is cool but if we let it slide we could have damage and issues with the urine and population. (Plus, nobody wants to have bats flying out and in all the time! Our new Bat House is the only house we want the bats to be in! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Composting and Country Bunnies

I guess I have not really done a good update post lately, so I might as well tell you guys a little bit about the recent stuff with our pets and also our compost bin we have been doing. 

This is our compost bin which we started around the end of July and it looks compost-y so far. Compost makes better dirt for gardens, and we have a lot of gardens so this is very ideal!

The girls are coping with the big move too. Everything is wood floors, and the baseboards are wood as well. They haven't caused any damage by chewing anything, but the upstairs is off limits because there are big spaces around the whole loft area where a bunny could jump through. 

I'm working on a pen attachment to the bunny cages but in the meantime they are allowed out on the main floor. 

The pen is a baby pen but it works good for rabbits as well. 

Sometimes we take the cages or pens outside (with full supervision)for them to play or Daisy goes on her harness. Lily's harness piece got lost, but we hope to find it.  
 Here Lily made a chewed paper snowflake which was an idea from Critters USA magazine.

This is the pen I am going to attach to the cage once I find a better space. It's in the garage right now. 

So, yeah. Mickey's cage cleaning is today, so I better get on it. Anyways, thanks for reading the short update. Bye!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rats + outdoor playing/living = a good idea?🐁

Whether you're an experienced rat owner or a first-time rat owner, you may wonder... "Could I let my rat go outside to play?" The answer varies with different websites, but the right answer is always clear. Rats playing or living outdoors is not safe!

Harnesses and Pens: Extreme Danger

Everyone's seen them. Rat harnesses look fun, but pose a threat to rats. First of all, if you put on the rat harness the wrong way or it has been designed poorly so it feels uncomfortable, your rat will want to escape the harness's feeling on his body. He's likely to chew or squeeze out, leaving you with no more rat. Predators like birds of prey or feral cats and dogs could scare your rat as well, causing him to panic and get twisted in the harness. So it's closing for the harness idea, but what about other playtime solutions, like a playpen?

A rat owner who knows rats well doesn't have to use their own experience with pet rats to know that all rats are great climbers! Obviously, any open-top playpen would be too easy for an intelligent rat. Closed-top playpens look safe, but even a sturdy one couldn't keep out unwanted predators, dangerous parasites, and worst of all, heat. Besides, for a few minutes the fresh air would seem nice to a rat, but it would quickly get boring and very hot. An ideal way to let your rat get a bit of fresh air is to carry his cage onto a clean, covered deck or patio and sit out with him for no more than 10 minutes. Never take him out of the cage even for a minute, as any predator could spook him. 

Can I keep my rat cage outdoors?

Inexperienced, first-time rat owners may think keeping a rat outdoors is okay. As many people think all rabbits and guinea pigs belong outdoors, rats are put into this concept. Although rabbits and guinea pigs can normally survive outside,(although the boredom they encounter is considered cruelty) rats will become sick and/or the first few days of outdoor living.
Not only will your rat(s) need attention and human contact, he will also get sick from parasites, heat exhaustion, and exposure to wild rodents, which he could transfer diseases from and pass them to other people or domestic animals. A rat outdoors is no fun for the owner because they will only go out to clean the cage and give him food and water, and the owner will not get to experience the benefits of a great pet rat. Any animal relegated to a hutch or outdoor confinement will be bored and act boring towards the owner. Besides, how can you create fun mazes, train your rat to do cool tricks, and relax in front of the TV with your rat if he lives outside? A true rat owner wouldn't keep a rat outside to die, but he or she would want to create a great environment for the rat and help him have the best 3-4 years he lives up to. No form of outdoor living can top the tremendous love a rat can offer when living inside with his family. Rats don't live that long, do its up to you to help him live his life to the fullest. Be sure to keep your pet rat indoors when having him as a pet. There really is no point in getting a rat if he is left outdoors, because all you are doing is keeping him alive if he's left outside. Be a good pet owner and keep all pet rats indoors only. You will be rewarded with a happy rat that can fully experience the best life you can give him.
I mean, what life is without cuddles, kisses, and a happy, healthy pet rat ready to be your best friend? Not any life I know! 

The placement of your rat's cage is very important!