Thursday, August 29, 2013

Exciting NEWS: Rabbit Pen Update

Hi everyone! Today I must learn again how to use a keyboard. This is the first time in a very long while that I have sat down and used the computer. I used to use the iPad or other mobile device when the internet was not set up in our new house. So, bear with me. Okay, fine. For a proud mom of two awesome house "bunns", it's exciting. We managed to get out "ye old playpen in garage that nobody uses ever since the baby grew out of it" and set it up for Daisy.

(wait a second while I exit out of Firefox and go to Google Chrome because "This server does not support '' due to loading problems." Wha?)

Okay, I'm back.
Anyways, the rabbits have successfully switch-a-rooed from their old cages to new cages/pen. (: They love the new set-ups - the only change is all the room they get! Daisy was getting so big and even with supervised out of cage time and the hours she spent frolicking around our house, she needed more space! We now have the big baby pen up with comfy resting pads and her stuff; she adores it! Lily loves her new(Daisy's old) cage and has enough room to play. Although our bunnies have plenty of room, we always let them out once a day to romp and have fun with the family.(And of COURSE, watch TV! What rabbits goes without watching football at least once a day?)
Daisy is more comfortable in her pen than her smaller cage.
I can agree!

I just read this blog and I think you should read it as well. (Also check out her Critter Care blog)

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