Wednesday, October 31, 2012


My sister holds her bunny Lily--this rabbit doesn't need a costume!!
Happy Halloween, everybody! Today we are getting stuff ready: carving our pumpkins, filling the candy bowl......It's a surprise I had any time to post something today, but it's a good thing I do!! Anyway, I wanted to talk about the real scary stuff going on if you have a pet. Number one, costumes. Anyone loves to see a bunny in a magician's hat or even a rat (I saw this once!) role-playing a parrot while sitting on a "pirate's" shoulder. They may look so cute and the oohs and aahs prove it, but is it the right size? Is it too tight or too loose? Does the pet feel comfortable wearing the costume? Ask yourself these questions before you put anything on your pet.

Next up is the candy. It may be the best treat on earth, but never give your critter a nibble of a chocolate bar. (The same with dogs or cats;they can easily get a hold of your stash of candy and you could find them with a guilty look--and even worse, they'll have to go to the vet!) To solve this yearly dilemma, give Rufus a dog biscuit, and he'll likely be satisfied with his very own Halloween treat. The same goes with small pets--hand them a few sunflower seeds or even some pumpkin seeds and watch them enjoy it!

 Last but definitely not least, is decor. Those cute pumpkins and black-and-orange garlands may look harmless, but could easily lead to deadly consequences. Keep flames up high, and avoid decorations your pet could chew on, get stuck in, or break(such as glass items). Animals love to eat pumpkins, and if they fall inside, the flame could burn their fur and injure them. Use fake candles which shine LED lights, and keep most decor outdoors if possible.

All holidays can be potentially dangerous to your small pet. Have fun, and be safe!! Happy Halloween--I hope you get lots of treats and no tricks!!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Recent Questions

Alright, folks!!  Here is the moment you've all been waiting for:  It's time for......Daisy and Peanut's Question Tuesdays!!!!!

Daisy: Hey Peanut, I got the first question: Somebody contacted Critter Corner because there were swans in their backyard. Why is that...?

Peanut: Hmmmm...(typing on the computer) Ah, yes, I see now. It says here that swans migrate in the winter. They stop often for breaks, unlike geese. This particular person who asked the question has a very wooded backyard, so that means wild animals will visit them often. That is actually a compliment from a swan!!

Daisy: Oh. Well, you learn something new every day. The next question is from a well-known resident at Critter Corner Headquarters.  She wants to know if snakes are critters.

Peanut: shiver- Please please please don't talk about s-s-snakes!! You know I am terrified of them.

Daisy:  Well, Julia likes snakes!!! You have to answer the question because that's what Question Tuesdays are about!! I mean, deal with it.

Peanut: okay, well,  not ex-ex-exactly b-b-b-because they don't crawl--they slither...

Daisy: Sheesh! That isn't a very good answer.....

Peanut: Just move on to the next question, please!!

Daisy: Oh, alright..... A rabbit friend of mine wanted to know how the weekly poll worked.

Peanut: Ooh-- I know!! The weekly poll is a poll that I get to change every week and you choose one of the suggestions. Today I get to change it so you'll see a new one.

Daisy: And did you know that the results of this weeks poll are...

Peanut: Well.....? What?

Daisy: Uh, you're supposed to say the results.

Peanut: Oh... OH!!! The results for the question " do you have a small pet?" are....  20% for YES!,

Just click on the answer you agree with, then click on vote.

Daisy:  Ahem, I have a question--this is the last one. I want to know who voted on NO AND I WOULD NEVER EVER WANT ONE! Maybe they would like to comment and answer that question for us.

Peanut: Was that you???

Daisy:  OF COURSE NOT!! Well, that's all for now on Critter Corner!!!!!!!

Peanut:  Hey! That was MY line!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Starting a Pet Journal

Sorry, fellow pet-lovers! The weekend is always so hard to make time for posts; Saturday was Errand Extravaganza, and yesterday we went "Trick R Treat"ing at Huckleberry Railroad--by the time we would get home I would totally forget about you poor guys!!! But I'm back, with lots of fun stuff for your critter!!!!

A good craft project to start on for your new arrival is a pet journal, or a scrapbook that tells what your pet does each day. For example, I'll use my rabbit Daisy to show what I'm talking about:

Day 1 (Today I got a pet bunny!!)

Pet Name: Daisy                                                    Owner: Julia T.(a.k.a Nature girl)

Age: 3 yrs.

Fav. Food: Celery

Fav. thing to do: Give big kisses!

A little about her:     She has gray splotches all over her and has big amber-brown eyes. I love her to pieces!!

Picture of her: 

(picture goes here)

You can choose between a scrapbook filled with pics, designs, words, drawings and keepsakes having to do with your beloved pet. Or, if you are more of a laid-back type: try writing diary entries in a journal--you can write them--or maybe the pet can "be the author".

Just because you may not have an exciting thing happening every single day doesn't mean you shouldn't write something!  Talk about something as, well, boring as giving Nibbles some bits of lettuce.

Remember to have fun and make your journal or scrapbook as unique as possible--your pet will love to be in the spotlight!! The reason for this journal is to remember all the funny, cute, sad, frustrating, and loving things that went on in your pet's life, and to allow you to have a whole book to read at the end of your pet's life. Happy Journal-Writing!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Giving Your Small Pet Medicine

A constant hassle during your small critter's life is when he needs medications. Your stuffy-nosed guinea pig or your wheezing hammie may be difficult to handle. Or you may just not know quite how to stick the dropper in the tiny, buck-toothed jaws of a persistent rabbit. Well, I'm here to help! Now, you'll be able to give your critter medicine with ease.

First things first....  

You have read the label on the container fifteen times, but you are still in shock. How can I stuff this huge dropper into my hamster's mouth?? you think. The truth is, you don't have to. Simply squirt the needed amount into the hamster's(or rabbit's or rat's or etc.) water bottle. Simple, right?? Told 'ya.

Second things second..... 

With some medications, they come as tablets the animal has to eat. These cannot be dissolved in water, but you can put it in a food item or offer a treat after the animal has chewed the tablet. Watch your pet to make sure he has eaten it before you walk off.

Third things third.............. 

Reward the pet every time. For once a day, after the tablet has been eaten, give your pet a good snuggle. My rabbit Daisy, who used to take medicine for when she was a young bunny, enjoyed a privilege such as a longer playtime every day or even a half a banana(only one day a week, of course!). 

To end with, any small pet can be very feisty, especially because they aren't feeling too hot. Always be patient with your pet, even if you get a nip or scratch, and always contact your vet if your pet seems to be allergic to the medications! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Remember to Give your Ferret Water!!

                                             One of the most important things you need to live: water. Animals, humans, all living beings need water. Your ferret should have water available at all times, so check it everyday and rinse the bottles out before you refill!!

What To Use, What To Use..... 

Ugh! It's time to choose pet supplies for your pet ferret. The next thing on your list says "water container".
You walk down the aisle, the whole half of the aisle is filled with water bottles, special bowls, and even some strange things you wouldn't dare give your ferret. What do you pick?? The first thing to do is choose a durable, thick plastic water bottle or bowl. Ceramic bowls are better than plastic because the ferrets can't topple them over. Purchase the best one that will last you as long as your ferret.

When Water Is Not Water

There are four types of water: Tap, bottled, distilled, or filtered water.

Distilled water is created using the distillation process(boiling the water and re-condensing the steam into liquid water). This removes all impurities, minerals, and nutrients in the water. It should be avoided because it usually causes hair loss, which is often associated with certain mineral deficiencies.

Tap water can be filled with chlorine or build-up, which cakes the sides of the necks of the bottle. Imagine what it could do to the inside of your ferret!!

Filtered water, water filtered by special containers you can buy in the store, is the best bet for your ferret.
Bottled Spring water can also be used, but just be sure to read the label on the back!

For More Ferret Heath Tips, go to: , and look for the Diet section to learn about ferret water tips. (there's also some fun stuff to read and do, so go check it out!!!)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What Are.....A Hamster's Cheek Pouches??

Did you know that hamsters have pouches on the side of each cheek? Its like a mini food pantry that the hamster uses to store--well, what else? Food! In this short video, Peanut demonstrates how those pouches work.

Keeping your Bunny away from Boredom!

A rabbit's choice of housing is important. Daisy has a big area to play and groom.

Playtime is a very important thing for your big-eared furry friend. You can't just buy a bunch of toys and pile them into the cage, figuring they'll play with the toys while you are gone. You have to take your bunny out and physically interact with him or her. Rabbits are very social creatures that instinctively know that play is a way to learn how to interact with their environment, to keep their bodies in shape for things that they do everyday. But what if you have a rabbit and you simply do not have enough time to sit down on the floor and play with the bunny every single day? You shouldn't get rid of your bunny, but get another one! Two or three rabbits have a few pros and cons. They will live longer, be happier, and never get lonely during those long hours when your away at work or school. Of course, this doesn't mean you can hide the cage somewhere in a dark shed, or leave the cage in a place where cannot observe and pet your bunny(s) from time to time as you walk from room to room. The location of your bunnies' play space should be where the rabbit likes to be. Does Flopsy enjoy a high-traffic area where you are a lot, or does she prefer a quieter, low-traffic area, such as a living room or bedroom? Another thing to ponder is: Where will the bunny play? A place where the toys are, surely. A poll on a rabbit website stated that rabbits like homemade toys the best, but even more than that, they love their humans. If your bunny loved you that much, and trust me, he does, wouldn't you want him to be in a place where he wouldn't be neglected? Rabbits love attention from anyone, and many say their rabbits love to be where house visitors come in. Without a proper "play area," bunnies can get bored, and even aggressive.


Given the fact that rabbits are unable to vocalize their thoughts, feelings, and emotions to us,  rabbit owners must know their bunnies well enough to realize when enough is enough in regards to playtime. Overexertion is the last thing we want our bunnies to experience. Keep a close eye on your pet's body language and vocalizations during play to keep it fun!!!!

1 Times up! Though laying down is
usually a sign of contentment, if you've been playing with your rabbit for awhile, and he proceeds to lie down, it may be a sign your pet is hot and tired and wants to rest.
Supply fresh water and keep the cage in reach just in case the bunny needs to hop in, in order to relax.

2 Boxed in    Rabbits see their litter-box as their personal space, and 50% of the time, they're sitting on it. If your bunny hops into his litter-box during playtime, it means they're done playing for the time being.

3 Grunt, Grunt   Have you ever heard a grunting sound come from your rabbit's throat? This is another way rabbits vocalize towards people or other rabbits when they're trying to tell them that they want them to stop. If your bunny does thing, leave him alone, as he may be a little tired of you shoving toys in his face(in his point of view).

4 Catch ya' later    Sometimes your rabbit will not do any of the above; he'll simply hop away and leave you in the dust. At times like these, playtime is over. Attempting to chase him and continue the game may lead to angering your rabbit. Allow your pet to do what he wants, as there is really no such thing as telling him what to do; rabbits are extremely stubborn, so if you do own a rabbit, it may be the other way around.

Daisy enjoys a toy I bought her

Rabbits love toys they can tear up--especially if there's treats inside!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ailments in Gerbils

Anyone who has or is thinking about getting a gerbil should read this! These are only a few, but there are much more!


Broken/overgrown teeth

Symptoms: Gerbil cannot close mouth properly, and/or cannot eat.

Causes: Chewed on a hard material like the side of the stone fireplace (that happens all the time!) or cement, or does not have an acceptable material to wear teeth down on.

Treatment: A broken or lost tooth is very difficult or even fatal to a gerbil. Overgrown teeth can be easily clipped by a vet or you, but deep cuts caused by the tooth sinking into the bottom of the lip should be treated.

Nose Problems

Symptoms: Red or bleeding nose and/or bald spot above nose

Causes: Allergy to bedding or something in cage or chewing on wire bars of the cage frequently.

Treatment: wash everything in cage and switch bedding to another, more reliable brand. Bald nose problem: Move gerbil and his cages mate(s) to a non-wire bar cage, or if you cannot afford another one yet, give your gerbil things that will not make him bored enough to chew on the bars.

Ear Problems

Symptoms: head tilt, loss of balance, or bleeding around ear area.

Cause: Inner ear infection, or simply a scratch from the gerbils nails while he was grooming.

Treatment: Inner ear infections need to be consulted by a vet immediatly, but a scratch on the ear involves a little cleaning with some neosporin and a cutting of all the gerbils' nails, to avoid them being too sharp.



Symptoms: Sometimes lethargy, diarrhea, and orangish-red staining from urine all around the rear end.

Cause: Diarrhea.

Treatment: Wet tail is a disease of hamsters, caused by an organism similar to Lawsonia intracelluraris. It basically causes diarrhea in the hamster.
You can treat it using hamster antibiotics, because it is rare to a gerbil for this disease. I know some gerbils can get it, so this is why I am saying this one too.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A request

Recently, a dog named Bonny "commented" and requested to be on my blog.  This is the perfect time to put a report I wrote on here for all to see.

Cancer in Dogs 

       Many may know that humans can get cancer, but you may not know animals can get cancer too. In fact, it is one of the most common diseases for dogs today, and the leading cause of death, mainly because it has been passed down for generations. Skin Cancer is the most likely cancer, as it causes tumors in the skin, and in rarer cases, mange is reported.

All species of animals can get cancer, but dogs are most likely to have it.  Cats, hamsters, rabbits....... They all have the liability to get it. Cancer creates tumors, which can be painful if they open up, or are left alone by careless owners. This horrible disease is hard to treat, and sometimes it can be confusing even to the most experienced vet.

If an animal gets cancer, you should act fast, and never say what everyone thinks is perfectly fine to say: " I'll wait until tomorrow and see if it's any better....." Instead, you should try to save your pet and keep him or her free of discomfort. There are many different ways to get rid of the tumor. Electro cautery is burning the tumor off using electricity, and Cryosurgery is freezing it off. A more risky surgery is removing it using special cutting tools, which costs less, but could make your pet die during surgery.  Unfortunately, rabbits, rats, and other small mammals cannot not be saved, on account their small form makes it difficult to preform surgery on.

Sometimes it is hard to figure out whether your dog has cancer or not, because dogs are excellent at hiding sickness. Symptoms include bumps that are red and inflamed, bleeding from the nose or mouth, and/or constant vomiting and diarrhea. If your dog is acting strangely, or acting aggressive towards you and others,  it might be time to check with your local vet.

Caring for your loyal companion is a must, and is one of the responsibilities of having an animal. Make sure you know your dogs ancestors, and what kind of diseases they could pass on. This is vital to your pets health and well-being. Therefore, a healthy pet really is a happy one!!!!!

Thanks Bonny!! Anyone else reading this blog can comment any time; be sure to ask questions, as I may put them on the blog along with a researched answer! Love Nature Girl and her loyal pets at Critter Corner!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

FAQ about Rats

Many people may think of rats as dangerous, diseased creatures.  For one thing, wild rats do have this description. For another, domestic rats are not at all diseased or do not carry the potential danger to bite(unless you tried to hurt your rat in a cruel way, but who can blame them!). Here are some frequently asked questions about these commonly misunderstood animals.

Q:  Do rats bite?
A: They have the ability to bite, but, they only do it when they need to, like when a person is trying to injure them or if the person is scaring the rat. Children under 6 need to be supervised around a rat.

Q:  Can rats eat everything?
A:   No! They can have a large amount of things, but that doesn't mean you can just feed a potato chip to your pet and think its ok. Since I can't list all the items here, go to a special rat website to print out a list of  food they can and can't eat.

Q:  What about exercise?
A: Let your rat out for at least an hour a day. Try to do this at the same time, or your rat will be confused.  Keep your rat in one room and supply toys and attention.

Q:  How long will my rat live?
A: About 2-3 years.  This is the only bad thing, but if you keep your rat healthy and playful, you will own a great pet!

Q:  Where can I get a rat?
A:  The pet store is not the best place to get a rat. Wild rats can get into the rat cages, and will cause disease to you and the other rats. Some pet stores may care more about money than the well-being of the animals. The best place to go to is a breeder that takes in-home care of the rats and provides the same amount of love that you will give to your new furry friend. From  $5 to $10 is the usual price. Talk to the breeder and get all the info about what she feeds them and what kind of cage they live in. Get two females or two males to have companionship for the rats while your gone.

Well, that's all for today, thank you for reading today's
Critter  Corner!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Welcoming a new arrival

No, this title has nothing to do with me having another pet!!!

Today I am going to tell you what to do if you want a pet when you have another, (and that other pet may not be too keen on the idea of another animal) and how to keep the peace. So, you want to get a pet, huh? You've researched, gotten supplies, and now its time to get the pet and bring the pet home. Or maybe you haven't done all that just yet. Maybe you know what you want(like a hamster), but you also have a pet that cound threaten your newbie(like a cat). Here's what to do. First, you know the pet in mind, right, so do your homework. (What do they eat, etc.) Now, you may notice a potential danger or worry by now. Will your dog really like the idea of a bunny sharing his territory?

Practice with your pet before you introduce them to the newbie--oh, but, with a natural predator, like a cat, snake or others, maybe you should put more thinking into that!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Not quite....

Critter lovers, I am back with more Critter craziness. Of all days, today had to be the day we each got a pet fish. That's not a bad thing,but the problem is this: Are fish really critters?? The answer is no, but I know I just have to mention this news.  If you have bettas(pronounced bait-ah), I found some habitat and feeding info to share.

Bettas, also called Siamese Fighting fish (because when together they will fight)
are native to Thailand and other parts of South East Asia. They can be kept at normal room temperatures even though they are actually tropical fish and it can be illegial in some states along the ocean.  Only male fish develop long, colorful fins that make the fish so popular. The best bet for a home is a medium sized bowl, as tanks make the fish too scared in a wide, open space.

Provide a decoration or two, and never use rocks that are the same size as the fish. This could trap your fish, so only use naturally settling sand or small pebbles.

When you buy your betta, you will usually recieve it in a plastic bag tied securly with a rubber band. At home, fill the bowl with luke warm bottled water(or water purified with fish purifier tablets) and wait 20 minutes to make it room temperature, then place the still-tied bag into your bowl. Wait another twenty minutes, then you can put the fish in the bowl. Safely transfer the water into the bowl, then slide your fish inside(be sure to have the pebbles and your decor already in). 

Don't feed your fish until the next day-and be sure to ask the pet store clerk what kind and amount of food the fish eat.

Check in again soon to read more "critter-ific " posts and keep your fish happy!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Well, this is my first post, so here goes:

This blog is for those people who love all animals, but have a special place in their heart for the small animals of the world.
 You know, the adorable critters that you can hold and love, the ones that you don't mind if they are making noise all night on that wheel, or the cute creatures who others call "creepy?"

If you have any of these animals, or know someone who does: you're not alone, because this blog is dedicated to those little guys, their owners, and hearts who have very tiny pawprints all over them.

So, I'd better introduce you to my critters. I have a rabbit named Daisy and a hamster named Peanut and I may get a pet rat. The idea of having a blog came from them. One day, I thought, "wouldn't it be great if I could share my love with other critter-loving people?" Thats when I finally was able to get a blog.
Basically, I'll try to post something every other day, and you won't just be hearing about my pets, you'll hear about every kind of critter there is. Critter Corner has info, crafts, and more from, me(and even some "daily posts" from Daisy and Peanut.)

Okay, thats all for now, but you won't be disappointed with tommorow's post on Critter Corner!