Friday, October 19, 2012

Not quite....

Critter lovers, I am back with more Critter craziness. Of all days, today had to be the day we each got a pet fish. That's not a bad thing,but the problem is this: Are fish really critters?? The answer is no, but I know I just have to mention this news.  If you have bettas(pronounced bait-ah), I found some habitat and feeding info to share.

Bettas, also called Siamese Fighting fish (because when together they will fight)
are native to Thailand and other parts of South East Asia. They can be kept at normal room temperatures even though they are actually tropical fish and it can be illegial in some states along the ocean.  Only male fish develop long, colorful fins that make the fish so popular. The best bet for a home is a medium sized bowl, as tanks make the fish too scared in a wide, open space.

Provide a decoration or two, and never use rocks that are the same size as the fish. This could trap your fish, so only use naturally settling sand or small pebbles.

When you buy your betta, you will usually recieve it in a plastic bag tied securly with a rubber band. At home, fill the bowl with luke warm bottled water(or water purified with fish purifier tablets) and wait 20 minutes to make it room temperature, then place the still-tied bag into your bowl. Wait another twenty minutes, then you can put the fish in the bowl. Safely transfer the water into the bowl, then slide your fish inside(be sure to have the pebbles and your decor already in). 

Don't feed your fish until the next day-and be sure to ask the pet store clerk what kind and amount of food the fish eat.

Check in again soon to read more "critter-ific " posts and keep your fish happy!


  1. Dear Julia at Critter Corner,

    My name is Bonny, and I am the resident border collie at the Wallace home. I'd like to submit my -

    Sorry. I thought I heard someone say 'walk'. Where were we?
    Oh, yes. I'd like to submit myself for being featured on your new blog. I believe I could be a wonderful addition to your furry friends, and am including a list of my skills and qualifications.

    Four years attendance at Border College.
    BA in Ball-ology
    Extracurricular Activities:
    Six seasons as an outfielder on the Border College baseball team
    Certified arm-licker
    Full-time security guard ["No doorbell goes unbarked at!"]

    I also have a large modeling portfolio, which my manager, Alexandra, can direct you to.
    Thank you for your consideration!

    Warmest tail wags,

  2. Of course, Bonny! All animals can be on my blog, including dogs. I will post a special post on my blog about dog care, thank you for commenting!


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