Sunday, October 21, 2012

FAQ about Rats

Many people may think of rats as dangerous, diseased creatures.  For one thing, wild rats do have this description. For another, domestic rats are not at all diseased or do not carry the potential danger to bite(unless you tried to hurt your rat in a cruel way, but who can blame them!). Here are some frequently asked questions about these commonly misunderstood animals.

Q:  Do rats bite?
A: They have the ability to bite, but, they only do it when they need to, like when a person is trying to injure them or if the person is scaring the rat. Children under 6 need to be supervised around a rat.

Q:  Can rats eat everything?
A:   No! They can have a large amount of things, but that doesn't mean you can just feed a potato chip to your pet and think its ok. Since I can't list all the items here, go to a special rat website to print out a list of  food they can and can't eat.

Q:  What about exercise?
A: Let your rat out for at least an hour a day. Try to do this at the same time, or your rat will be confused.  Keep your rat in one room and supply toys and attention.

Q:  How long will my rat live?
A: About 2-3 years.  This is the only bad thing, but if you keep your rat healthy and playful, you will own a great pet!

Q:  Where can I get a rat?
A:  The pet store is not the best place to get a rat. Wild rats can get into the rat cages, and will cause disease to you and the other rats. Some pet stores may care more about money than the well-being of the animals. The best place to go to is a breeder that takes in-home care of the rats and provides the same amount of love that you will give to your new furry friend. From  $5 to $10 is the usual price. Talk to the breeder and get all the info about what she feeds them and what kind of cage they live in. Get two females or two males to have companionship for the rats while your gone.

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  1. I had a ferret while I was in college, and he sure was stinky! Do rats have a natural aroma that they give off like ferrets do?

  2. No actually the waste has no smell at all, but after the rat gets wet they smell like a wet dog!! When I get a rat I'll train him to swim in a tub of water.


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