Monday, October 29, 2012

Starting a Pet Journal

Sorry, fellow pet-lovers! The weekend is always so hard to make time for posts; Saturday was Errand Extravaganza, and yesterday we went "Trick R Treat"ing at Huckleberry Railroad--by the time we would get home I would totally forget about you poor guys!!! But I'm back, with lots of fun stuff for your critter!!!!

A good craft project to start on for your new arrival is a pet journal, or a scrapbook that tells what your pet does each day. For example, I'll use my rabbit Daisy to show what I'm talking about:

Day 1 (Today I got a pet bunny!!)

Pet Name: Daisy                                                    Owner: Julia T.(a.k.a Nature girl)

Age: 3 yrs.

Fav. Food: Celery

Fav. thing to do: Give big kisses!

A little about her:     She has gray splotches all over her and has big amber-brown eyes. I love her to pieces!!

Picture of her: 

(picture goes here)

You can choose between a scrapbook filled with pics, designs, words, drawings and keepsakes having to do with your beloved pet. Or, if you are more of a laid-back type: try writing diary entries in a journal--you can write them--or maybe the pet can "be the author".

Just because you may not have an exciting thing happening every single day doesn't mean you shouldn't write something!  Talk about something as, well, boring as giving Nibbles some bits of lettuce.

Remember to have fun and make your journal or scrapbook as unique as possible--your pet will love to be in the spotlight!! The reason for this journal is to remember all the funny, cute, sad, frustrating, and loving things that went on in your pet's life, and to allow you to have a whole book to read at the end of your pet's life. Happy Journal-Writing!!


  1. I am deciding to start a journal when I get my pet rat--and I might even put some excerpts on here for you to read!!

  2. This is a great idea if I get a pet I'm definately going to do a journal.

    1. Yes and you'd be good at it!!! You could get cute stickers and put them in too--what kind of animal are you going to get, anyway???

  3. If you have more than one pet do you need more than
    One journal?

  4. You can have one 4 each pet or just have a single one--but I don't know how it would work for just one. If you have a number of the same animal, like three hamsters, you probably should just do one.


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