Monday, October 22, 2012

A request

Recently, a dog named Bonny "commented" and requested to be on my blog.  This is the perfect time to put a report I wrote on here for all to see.

Cancer in Dogs 

       Many may know that humans can get cancer, but you may not know animals can get cancer too. In fact, it is one of the most common diseases for dogs today, and the leading cause of death, mainly because it has been passed down for generations. Skin Cancer is the most likely cancer, as it causes tumors in the skin, and in rarer cases, mange is reported.

All species of animals can get cancer, but dogs are most likely to have it.  Cats, hamsters, rabbits....... They all have the liability to get it. Cancer creates tumors, which can be painful if they open up, or are left alone by careless owners. This horrible disease is hard to treat, and sometimes it can be confusing even to the most experienced vet.

If an animal gets cancer, you should act fast, and never say what everyone thinks is perfectly fine to say: " I'll wait until tomorrow and see if it's any better....." Instead, you should try to save your pet and keep him or her free of discomfort. There are many different ways to get rid of the tumor. Electro cautery is burning the tumor off using electricity, and Cryosurgery is freezing it off. A more risky surgery is removing it using special cutting tools, which costs less, but could make your pet die during surgery.  Unfortunately, rabbits, rats, and other small mammals cannot not be saved, on account their small form makes it difficult to preform surgery on.

Sometimes it is hard to figure out whether your dog has cancer or not, because dogs are excellent at hiding sickness. Symptoms include bumps that are red and inflamed, bleeding from the nose or mouth, and/or constant vomiting and diarrhea. If your dog is acting strangely, or acting aggressive towards you and others,  it might be time to check with your local vet.

Caring for your loyal companion is a must, and is one of the responsibilities of having an animal. Make sure you know your dogs ancestors, and what kind of diseases they could pass on. This is vital to your pets health and well-being. Therefore, a healthy pet really is a happy one!!!!!

Thanks Bonny!! Anyone else reading this blog can comment any time; be sure to ask questions, as I may put them on the blog along with a researched answer! Love Nature Girl and her loyal pets at Critter Corner!!

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  1. Very informative and I would LOVE to help you link up Bonny Mondays with your blog... Maybe AW can help us with that one as I am clueless how to do that?!?


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