Wednesday, October 31, 2012


My sister holds her bunny Lily--this rabbit doesn't need a costume!!
Happy Halloween, everybody! Today we are getting stuff ready: carving our pumpkins, filling the candy bowl......It's a surprise I had any time to post something today, but it's a good thing I do!! Anyway, I wanted to talk about the real scary stuff going on if you have a pet. Number one, costumes. Anyone loves to see a bunny in a magician's hat or even a rat (I saw this once!) role-playing a parrot while sitting on a "pirate's" shoulder. They may look so cute and the oohs and aahs prove it, but is it the right size? Is it too tight or too loose? Does the pet feel comfortable wearing the costume? Ask yourself these questions before you put anything on your pet.

Next up is the candy. It may be the best treat on earth, but never give your critter a nibble of a chocolate bar. (The same with dogs or cats;they can easily get a hold of your stash of candy and you could find them with a guilty look--and even worse, they'll have to go to the vet!) To solve this yearly dilemma, give Rufus a dog biscuit, and he'll likely be satisfied with his very own Halloween treat. The same goes with small pets--hand them a few sunflower seeds or even some pumpkin seeds and watch them enjoy it!

 Last but definitely not least, is decor. Those cute pumpkins and black-and-orange garlands may look harmless, but could easily lead to deadly consequences. Keep flames up high, and avoid decorations your pet could chew on, get stuck in, or break(such as glass items). Animals love to eat pumpkins, and if they fall inside, the flame could burn their fur and injure them. Use fake candles which shine LED lights, and keep most decor outdoors if possible.

All holidays can be potentially dangerous to your small pet. Have fun, and be safe!! Happy Halloween--I hope you get lots of treats and no tricks!!



  1. I had to write about this today!!

  2. That's one cute Vampire Bunny. Very good advice I hope everyone listens. Love Nana

  3. That face Lily is giving me the creeps--It basically says: "Who do you think you're lookin' at?"


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