Friday, October 26, 2012

Giving Your Small Pet Medicine

A constant hassle during your small critter's life is when he needs medications. Your stuffy-nosed guinea pig or your wheezing hammie may be difficult to handle. Or you may just not know quite how to stick the dropper in the tiny, buck-toothed jaws of a persistent rabbit. Well, I'm here to help! Now, you'll be able to give your critter medicine with ease.

First things first....  

You have read the label on the container fifteen times, but you are still in shock. How can I stuff this huge dropper into my hamster's mouth?? you think. The truth is, you don't have to. Simply squirt the needed amount into the hamster's(or rabbit's or rat's or etc.) water bottle. Simple, right?? Told 'ya.

Second things second..... 

With some medications, they come as tablets the animal has to eat. These cannot be dissolved in water, but you can put it in a food item or offer a treat after the animal has chewed the tablet. Watch your pet to make sure he has eaten it before you walk off.

Third things third.............. 

Reward the pet every time. For once a day, after the tablet has been eaten, give your pet a good snuggle. My rabbit Daisy, who used to take medicine for when she was a young bunny, enjoyed a privilege such as a longer playtime every day or even a half a banana(only one day a week, of course!). 

To end with, any small pet can be very feisty, especially because they aren't feeling too hot. Always be patient with your pet, even if you get a nip or scratch, and always contact your vet if your pet seems to be allergic to the medications! 


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