Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Are male or female hamsters better?

Hamsters are pretty good pets if trained well, but which gender makes a better pet? All hamsters are different, some friendly at the start, while others are skittish and shy. So really the gender isn't the case, it's the individual personality. Although both make good pets, they have differences that set them apart.

Male hamsters are very stocky, and are easier to handle. They also tend to be laid back once they are calm in their new territory. They have a distinct scent. It's not a bad smell, but it just smells more then females. Your hands have a different odor than females after handling a male hamster. Why? Because of small "vents" in the hamsters skin that create greasy scent-gland stuff that come from the hips and from the inside thigh of the hamster. When stressed, male hamsters have a visible greasy appearance in these areas. Since males are territorial, they have a scent that defines them from other hamsters. They are mellow and better if you want a more handling type, but bad if you want to watch him play often. They eat a lot, and tend to get obese. They have funny sleeping habits though, and have the appearance of being dead when sleeping. (They like to sleep stretched out.) They don't usually take a liking to balls or wheel since they have more stubby appendage. Another thing is they chew more since their jaws are more widely set.

Females are thinner and are hard to handle. They are exceptionally fast and they aren't the cuddly type. They are more skittish and don't tolerate as much, but they are fun to watch. They don't have any distinct smells, but they leave their mark by urinating on tubes and other things, while males tend to spray urine at a young age for a while. They are harder to hand train and may have an unwelcome nip from time to time. All hamsters get upset when woken up, but they get especially upset and squeak more often. Dwarf females are a no-no to first time hamster owners, but Syrians are a fine choice. They are much like males in physical activity, but are just as affectionate. Also, it completely depends on your hamster.

Always ask to have the pet store owner handle the hamster for you to see the reaction of the hamster. Not only should the hamster seem okay in the handling, he should also not seem too lethargic and tired. Every once in a while he should be coming out of his sleeping hut and sniffing around and eating. Remember the hamster should be healthy as well as pretty fine with the whole handling process. Hand training is a must, and it all depends on you!

This hamster stretches out and yawns! No, he is not dead.


  1. I love hamsters
    teefury , redbubble , threadless.

  2. I've always heard that the females had a strong smell, and it got worse every 4 days when they were in heat. But you are the first I've seen who said the males smelled more then the females. I've never had a hamster before, but for the past few weeks been thinking of getting one so am researching to find out what is best to get for a first time.


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