Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pt 1: Is A Rabbit Right For You and Your Family?

First of all, is a pet rabbit right for you? Here's a quick quiz:


1. Which is NOT a breed of rabbit?

     French lop

2. It is a good idea to get your pet rabbit spayed or neutered.


3. All domesticated rabbits came from what two continents?

     North America and Southern Africa
     Asia and Australia
     South America and Europe
     Europe and Northern Africa

4. It is ok to pick up a pet rabbit by its ears.


5. When should you spray a pet rabbit's ears with water?

     every day
     on cold days
     on hot days
     never, that's just mean

6. You can use a lot of common household items as rabbit toys. What is NOT a good toy for your pet rabbit?

     straw whisk broom
     cardboard box
     paper grocery bags

7. What food should you NOT feed to a pet rabbit?


8. Vinegar can be used to clean your pet rabbit's litter box.


9. If your pet rabbit ingests too much hair and gets a hairball, it can throw it up or vomit, just like cats, to get the hairball out.


10. Which is a safe litter to use for a pet rabbit?

     woodstove pellets
     pine shavings
     clay cat litter
     cedar shavings


1.  White

The white rabbit, usually known as the white rabbit in the film "Alice in Wonderland" by Walt Disney, isn't an actual breed of rabbit. It's only the color of the rabbit. An angora rabbit has long, soft fur. They come in a variety of colors. They are believed to have come from France. They are more difficult to take care of then most other breeds. They need a lot of clipping, brushing, and cleaning, because of their long hair. Silver rabbits have short, even hair and are available in different colors, including black, brown, and fawn colors. On top of their coat is an even silver ticking to give them a silvery look. Lop rabbits are best known for their long, soft, drooping ears. They come in a variety of colors and markings. There are different types of lop rabbits. There is the French lop, which is the largest variety, then slightly smaller is the English lop, then the German lop and dwarf lop are smaller and the smallest of the lop rabbits is the mini lop.

3. Europe and Northern Africa
All pet rabbits are descended from the wild European rabbit. They used to only live in Europe and North Africa. Now they are all over the world. It's always nice to know where your pet rabbit originally came from.

4. F
You should never pick up a pet rabbit by its ears. It can cause the rabbit to be in a lot of pain. The best way to pick up your pet rabbit is by picking it up with two hands and make sure it's fully supported and comfortable. If your rabbit struggles, put it on the ground before letting go because you can injure your pet rabbit if you drop it suddenly.

5. on hot days
You should take a spray mister and gently spray the back of your rabbit's ears on hot days. Rabbits regulate their temperature through their ears so this can help them cool off.

6. towels
You don't want to let your rabbit play with a towel. It can be harmful if they swallow too much of the thread. You can take a cardboard box and cut an entrance in it so your rabbit can have a playhouse that they can run in and jump on. Paper grocery bags and a straw whisk broom also make really good toys for your rabbit to play with.

7. avocado
They should be given an unlimited amount of hay and encouraged to eat as much as possible. Hay keeps their digestive tract healthy and prevents blockages. They should only be given timothy hay or another grass hay like orchard grass. Legume hays are too rich in calcium and too high in fat. Rabbits also love to eat dandelions, just make sure there isn't any pesticide on them. They also love bananas, but only for a nice treat and only about a quarter-inch per rabbit is plenty.

8. True  Vinegar is a great item to use for cleaning your pet rabbit's litter box. Here's how you use it: It's very simple, just empty the litter box and rinse it. Then place some vinegar on the bottom and scrub. For harder jobs let the vinegar sit for a while on the bottom.

9. F
Rabbits don't vomit like cats do, but they do lick themselves like cats. So, they could get a hairball from licking themselves, however, they will not be able to throw it up like a cat could. If hairballs are allowed to form, they become gigantic masses of hair and food. Then they will block the stomach exit and cause the pet rabbit to starve to death while its stomach appears to be fat from the hairball stuck in its stomach.

10.  Woodstove pellets 

Woodstove pellets are a great litter to use for your rabbit's litter box. You can also use old newspapers, gentle touch and care fresh litters. Don't use anything else for their litter. It may be harmful to your pet rabbit. Thanks for playing my quiz! I hope you learned a lot of things about taking care of a pet rabbit and enjoy picking out the perfect rabbit for your home!

SCORE: 1-3: More research!
4-6: Better!
7-10: Rabbit Expert!

Rabbit Breed Quiz Coming Soon

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