Thursday, May 9, 2013

Daisy enjoys her first outdoor time in a long while!

My Canon camera is great - the lighting was really good for Daisy this time because I usually have to set the lighting because of her white fur. Anyway, you probably don't care. Here are the awesome pictures I got of her in the backyard! 


Her "grumpy" face

Sun is in my eyes!

This picture isn't very nice, but it speaks a thousand words!

Where to now?

The sun shines through my whiskers!

You do not know how happy this picture made me. If only the metal thing wasn't in the


Look at meh! now!

Eatin' grass

Diggin' grass


This is my good side!

This air conditioning thing looks cool!

This is the neighbors, Daisy!

Yeah... right... just a sec...

snuffle sniff

Grass sticking out of my mouth? Huh?

More adventures await!

Dandelion? Where?

Grass view

The tongue!! AW SO CUTE!!!

Laying next to garden sheds is boring! Let's go back home! 


  1. It looks like Daisy really enjoys the outdoors. She is such a sweet and beautiful Rabbit.

    1. Aw, thanks so much! Daisy really looks like she's posing for the camera in the one pic you see! She's very sweet and a photographer's DREAM!


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