Monday, May 13, 2013

Spreading the Word About the World's Most Misunderstood Dog Breed

People think dog breeds make the dog, but it's really the owner.... This goes the same way for pitbull dogs as well. Pitbulls were bred to be.... Well... fighting dogs, but as puppies they have every same personality as a Lab or Golden retriever. A pitbull will be mean and aggressive if they are brought up as fighting dogs or to have aggressive traits, but if they are loved as a family dog, they will become an affectionate and friendly pet.
The reason people think pitbulls are so vicious is because they have seen owners with the breed and they haven't trained them right. Pitbulls are great family dogs, but the mistake people make is buying ones that have had past owners. They tend to be aggressive. If you adopt them as a puppy, you will have a rewarding adaptable family pet that will be willing to die for family members. In fact, a news story told about a woman who was attacked by another human. A pitbull growled and got rid of her attacker, then tried to get help by barking.

Because of pitbull reputation, people started to think all pitbulls are aggressive by breed, but it's really the owner. So there's a chain reaction here: you see a pitbull. You think they're aggressive. You act nervous and self-defending. You try to "protect" yourself by doing an act of corporal punishment like hurting him. The dog keeps getting hurt. Now when he sees you he acts scared. In his own self defense he lashes out at you. You get hurt. You tell everyone "a pitbull did this." Those people are scared of them too.
See? Another way you can create this "chain" is by putting a pitbull in a fight with other dogs. in order to defend himself he fights and injures the other dogs. He does this over and over again until it becomes a given. He turns towards the people and attacks them.

So really a normal pitbull doesn't grow up himself to be aggressive and mean. It's the owner who teaches him to be mean. IF you are cruel to your pet he won't trust you and lash out at you. So
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  1. Thank you for this information I learned something today. I think this applies to all dog breeds if you treat them mean they become mean but if you treat them with love they will respond with being a good natured dog.

    1. You're welcome I'm glad you liked the post! Sorry about the screenshot pictures but they were the only way I could add pics on iPad... 0;


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