Thursday, October 25, 2012

Remember to Give your Ferret Water!!

                                             One of the most important things you need to live: water. Animals, humans, all living beings need water. Your ferret should have water available at all times, so check it everyday and rinse the bottles out before you refill!!

What To Use, What To Use..... 

Ugh! It's time to choose pet supplies for your pet ferret. The next thing on your list says "water container".
You walk down the aisle, the whole half of the aisle is filled with water bottles, special bowls, and even some strange things you wouldn't dare give your ferret. What do you pick?? The first thing to do is choose a durable, thick plastic water bottle or bowl. Ceramic bowls are better than plastic because the ferrets can't topple them over. Purchase the best one that will last you as long as your ferret.

When Water Is Not Water

There are four types of water: Tap, bottled, distilled, or filtered water.

Distilled water is created using the distillation process(boiling the water and re-condensing the steam into liquid water). This removes all impurities, minerals, and nutrients in the water. It should be avoided because it usually causes hair loss, which is often associated with certain mineral deficiencies.

Tap water can be filled with chlorine or build-up, which cakes the sides of the necks of the bottle. Imagine what it could do to the inside of your ferret!!

Filtered water, water filtered by special containers you can buy in the store, is the best bet for your ferret.
Bottled Spring water can also be used, but just be sure to read the label on the back!

For More Ferret Heath Tips, go to: , and look for the Diet section to learn about ferret water tips. (there's also some fun stuff to read and do, so go check it out!!!)


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