Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Composting and Country Bunnies

I guess I have not really done a good update post lately, so I might as well tell you guys a little bit about the recent stuff with our pets and also our compost bin we have been doing. 

This is our compost bin which we started around the end of July and it looks compost-y so far. Compost makes better dirt for gardens, and we have a lot of gardens so this is very ideal!

The girls are coping with the big move too. Everything is wood floors, and the baseboards are wood as well. They haven't caused any damage by chewing anything, but the upstairs is off limits because there are big spaces around the whole loft area where a bunny could jump through. 

I'm working on a pen attachment to the bunny cages but in the meantime they are allowed out on the main floor. 

The pen is a baby pen but it works good for rabbits as well. 

Sometimes we take the cages or pens outside (with full supervision)for them to play or Daisy goes on her harness. Lily's harness piece got lost, but we hope to find it.  
 Here Lily made a chewed paper snowflake which was an idea from Critters USA magazine.

This is the pen I am going to attach to the cage once I find a better space. It's in the garage right now. 

So, yeah. Mickey's cage cleaning is today, so I better get on it. Anyways, thanks for reading the short update. Bye!

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