Monday, February 25, 2013

Ooookay? Part 2

So I got up this morning and found my poor fish like you see in the pictures. It looks like she has either been eating at herself or has turned into a fish zombie..... The small horn thing is gone and it looks like it was ripped off, leaving a big open wound. If there was a vet just for fish, would he say it would be best to just put her out of her misery? I have never been an expert with fish as much as I am for furry pets, since fish are harder to understand. Daisy seems less grumpy this morning, maybe her stomach hurt since yesterday she found where I hid yogurt treats and stole from the bag!! Now Peanut is grumpy.......She runs on her wheel during the day, not at night, so I think her schedule got messed up. The chicken prints......I am thinking they are from a crow since it was at the end of the driveway around the trash. In the winter there are lots of animals around the house anyway, so I am not too worried. Jasmine is they only one who may die. If she does, I think I should reconsider and maybe try a goldfish or something. I think a GloFish tank would be cool....maybe for my birthday.....In December.......!!!

Still, if she dies, I will be very sad. She was a nice fish! So you will have to keep hoping she will get better. We will go to the pet store and find some meds for her if she is looking worse tomorrow. I will keep you posted!


  1. I hope jasmine gets better its always hard when a fish gets sick because you don't know what to do.

  2. Hello,
    I got your comment on my blog and will reply here for you.
    Doesn't look like popeye, but you were on the right track when you mentioned zombies. I call this disease "zombie disease", probably called columnaris.

    Nasty, nasty disease. For treatment go straight to the heavy meds - I'd recommend either triple sulphur or tetracycline, both should be available at most aquariums/pet stores. I've personally used these medications on the very same disease with great success.

  3. Thank you so much! I will get the meds at the nearby pet store as soon as I can! I have looked up on other pet betta websites but they don't have the described disease on there. It is starting to spread across her back and has even inflamed a gill, so she is suffering, I am sure. I appreciate your help very much. This is my first betta to have disease, so I am a little new to this. I have another betta who is a male, and he may have fin rot. I notice a lot of the bettas at Walmart or other non pet stores have either dead or sick fish. Tommorow I will get her some meds and try to help. Really, really appreciate it!


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