Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Popeye (?!)

Jasmine has Popeye, which is when the eye's "clear eyelid" gets popped out so it looks like a large bubble covering her eye. This is fine, and it eventually gets deflated. It is caused by irritation to the "eyelid" due to uneaten food that floats up and gets at the eye. I am worried about the disease she might have , which creates a "pine cone look" as the scales peel back and get brittle. This causes, red, raw skin and is probably itchy for her. It basically demolishes scales that just is all open flesh. I commented on Bubbles and Bettas blog which is a great blog! I am just waiting for the question to be answered.

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  1. Now I know she does not have Popeyes because of Sarah's comment on the blog. Thank you so much, since tomorrow I will give her meds to heal her disease and she will hopefully get better. (:


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