Friday, March 1, 2013

Hi from Daisy

Hi guys its just that I wanted to tell you about the brand new Weekly guess....I take the guess the thing.....You can actually find it on the picture of the day thing but I didn't know how often they see that so anyway! Comment below for your a point I will tell you what it is. You know that little box that has pics on it. So basically the idea see the pic on the side as it is displayed all week and you guess with your comment on my page telling us what it is. PLEASE ENTER THE CONTEST! You will love it sooooooo much! Unless you are a boring person who doesn't like Daisy! So come on and show your love for DAISY! cuz anyone who doesn't like me surely is very DAZE the awesome pet bunny. Only this one time will it be on a post but any other day you'll see it on my page so be sure to read it every day when you can because you do know the blogger(me) can check to see how many page views there are and for my page there is only two....I mean this means you don't like me, right? If not, show that you really love me! You can do this! Mention my page to all of your friends and tell them to tell their friends about the blog and for them to tell their friends.....Just...PLEASE PASS IT ON GUYS!!! Daisy FANS UNITE!


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