Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Some Favorite Critter Websites

If you haven't checked out SmallAnimalChannel.com yet, then maybe you should. Along with the updates of this critter website, you can find some other cool websites that can help you and your critter!


SmallAnimalChannel has plenty of fun and info for critters! The highlights today are:
Basic Guinea Pig Training; Critter Sippers Contest; Rabbit Grooming Guide; and "Type the Talk!"Forums. (Also check out the Critter Community Quizzes. You don't even need any account to enter, just play the quiz and create a name to see the results!)


Play some games and create cool critter stuff for fun! Also check out Super Pet products you can purchase online for your small pet.


Read articles and enter contests in the Hamster Club! Have fun with your hammie!!


This AWESOME chinchilla website gives you EVERYTHING you need to know about your pet chinchilla. It's GREAT for new chinchilla owners.


This website brings out the fun in information websites with forums and contests! Dook!(The sound ferrets make when curious and/or happy. Non-ferret owners don't understand.)


Donate to or adopt a rabbit today. House Rabbit Society is a great organization that helps innocent rabbits in need.

The Dapper Rat(dapper.com/rat)

Show your pet rats to the world and buy cool products, read articles.....yep....this is one rat website you can't miss!!!


This big website has very tiny residents!! 


Not very many websites are devoted to sugar gliders....but this one sure is!!!


Learn about hedgehogs in this cool website!!!

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