Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ferret Toys and Games

It's super fun to watch your ferret play and even funner to play with him! Check out some cool ferret-approved ideas for games and toys that are easy to prepare but exciting to play!

  • My ferrets love-love-LOVE sand pits. I fill big popcorn bowls with sand and then put small plastic balls and household toys in the sand for them to find. My ferrets also love cat toys on sticks with no catnip. They grab on and love to pull and shake 'em! -Jess

  • I know this will make you laugh but it is really fun for my lone ferret. Him and i are really close and we play games together like hide n seek "Bandit Version"!(my little guy's name!)He absolutely loves when i hide under something or behind something and pop out. He does the same thing with me. We also play hand wrestling games or I give him a bowl of dirt and he digs in it. I put down alluminum foil first though, so he doesn't make it hard 2 clean up! -Macy

  • Hiya! I have some PAWSOME games me and my other ferret buds love to play! I luv jingle balls and cat toys! I also LOVELOVELOVELOVE LOVE  crinkle tubes! Super pet has those I think. My owner makes mazes out of a bunch of crinkle tubes throughout the house and connects them to containers and boxes! We create one every Saturday and I play with them!! Totally cool! My ferret buddies also like cheerio hunts. Yes, we get cheerios from time to time. Mom hides em throughout the living room or bedroom or basement and we find them! Same goes with balls and stuff. We also like harnesses for outdoor play in the sandbox and stuff! -Spazzy the ferret

  • Ball pits. At Pet supplies plus or online stores you can get special ferret ball pits that are little tents with 50 plastic balls. The ferrets have A BLAST! I can't explain how awesome it is to see them play in the ball pit. We even have a sign that say's ferret zone on the guest bedroom. We turned it into the ultimate ferret room! We let them play on harnesses too. Awesome! -Daniel C.

  • Ferrets love tubes and tunnels! PVC tubes work amazingly perfect! Also cut-off jean legs work awesome. Connecting them with duct tape from the outside is really easy and best off all they last long and they are super-easy to store in a drawer or on a shelf! -Ferret Lover

  • My ferrets love clothes hampers! Before we throw the load of clothes in, we let the ferrets tunnel into them. Just be careful to make sure there are not any ferrets in the clothes before you put it in the wash! -Missy 

  • Awesome toys for ferrets are dog rope chews! We also get a big pot of dirt and let the ferrets burow into it and make tunnels. We give them a ferret washcloth bath after. Ferrets shouldn't be bathed in the tub because they could drown. -Anonymous

  • My ferrets love blankets! you can do so many things with em'! My ferrets like rides on the blankets, burrow in it, find toys, like to relax on the blanket, have two people create a "hammock" for them to swing, take one end of the blanket and shake it, the people can create air by waving one corner ever so slightly and wait for them to jump on it.......The possibilities are ENDLESS with ferrets! Blankets plus ferrets rule!!! -Everything Editor, and her ferret crew!

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