Wednesday, March 20, 2013

EMU (Even More Updates!)

Daisy: Hi Guys!

Peanut: Hi Guys!

Daisy: Stop copying me!

Peanut: Stop copying me!

Daisy: Sigh.....We have the announcements ready, Peanut....

Peanut: Sigh..... We have the announcements ready, Pe- OH YAYYAYYAYYAYYAYYAY! Announcements! Can't WAAAAAIT!!!!

Daisy: Uh, get to the point. Announcements? Remember?

Peanut: Oh. Yeah. Riiiight... (gets papers) Today we will announce the stats of the blog audience and readers.

Daisy: Cool.

Peanut: Cool!!???  THAT'S ALL????? Seriously?

Daisy: Well you do I know I review the stats from time to time. Now, PLEASE, continue...Thanks.

Peanut: Oh-KAY......So first, lets see the very famous posts! Top five of this month:

  1. Ailments in Gerbils(148 views)
  2. Betta-fish Feeding(67 views)
  3. Chinchilla Debate: "Death Ball"(52 views)
  4. QUIZ: What Kind of Small Pet is Best for You?(23 views)
  5. See Your Pet Hamster's Point of View(12 views)

Daisy: Wowzers. Looks like gerbils are famous after all. Moving on to the most famous page of all time besides the home page. I can't look!

Peanut: I will Daisy....Andddd it looks like- D-D-Dayyyssyyyysssss Pageeeee????? 

Daisy: Wha? What did you say?? 

Peanut: I SAID: Uh....squee......daisy's page..


Peanut: meep.


Peanut: Today, 46 people from the USA checked out the blog. Cool, right?

Daisy: Ummmmm....Yeah. Suuuurrreeeee. Thanks for the info. 

Peanut: ALSO...... 10 people from Russia, 9 people from Germany, 5 people from the United Kingdom, 3 people from France, 2 people from Australia, and 1 person from Italy.

Daisy: Hi peeps from Italy! Say hi to my mom! Hola Amigos!

Peanut: That's Mexican.

Daisy: Oh. Yeah. Right. Sorry Mom!

Peanut: Three words. You. Are. WEIRD.

Daisy: Soooo....Byeee......Lets get that over with now, okay? My mom is calling me. I'm grounded for three weeks. Great. Bye.

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