Tuesday, March 19, 2013

15 Reasons(count 'em: 15) Why Rats RULE!

Rats are awesome pets, but SOME people don't like them. If someone in your household needs a little persuading, then print out this list and hand it to them!

1. Rats are personable. They love humans and are social pets that don't hide in their sleeping houses and be shy. They always want to say "hi" to any humans that pass by, rat-lover or not! They also have unique personalities that make them great pets.

2. Rats are affectionate and loving. Yes, affectionate! Rats are sweet, snuggling creatures. Rats have natural instincts to be with each other and they will love to sit in your lap or on your shoulder and lick you. Unlike hamsters, they really want to be with someone.

3. Rats are clean. People think rats are dirty, filthy, diseased creatures. Wrong! Rats groom often, and like cats, they have a second germ-free saliva that foams at the lips while grooming. It acts as a soap to clean their fur and tail. Another way they are clean is their waste. They keep urine and feces in one corner of their habitat and don't leave it scattered all over a room. They can also be litter box trained so they don't even need a cage nearby for playing, just a small "rat-box" in a corner for him to have access to.

4. Rats are easy to care for. Rats don't need a lot of care. Even if you don't have time to play on some days, rats will be happy to explore a safe room while you do house-chores or homework. Everything else is a breeze. Water and food can be replaced every other day. Cage cleaning is simple: every two weeks. Rats don't need as much cleaning care as other pets. The only thing is playtime. Rats shouldn't have a plastic ball. Instead, you should have fun activities for them(cucumber slices in a bowl of water, blanket tunneling, outdoor harness) and especially one-on-one time.

5. Rats are inexpensive to have. Rat owners only spend the most when they first get the rat: probably about $90-$100 max. The rest of his life is very inexpensive. Food lasts longer and is usually only $6-$8 dollars. Cages don't need to be replaced. Accessories like training items, toys, and harnesses don't need to be bought right away.

6. Rats are smart and trainable. Rats are the most common animals used in labs and college psychology
studies. Some people create "Rat Olympics" as school events, and even owners can train rats to spin, sit, speak, open things, fetch, stay, stand, jump......as much as a dog can be taught! Service rats are used to find bombs and even physical problems with people using their astounding sense of smell. Blind use rats to guide them. Children with down syndrome and autism have rats as loving pets for snuggles and to help them learn. Rats are very amazing creatures when it comes to training and intelligence.

7. Rats are great with kids! Rats never bite or scratch and are safe for young children to pick up. They are sturdy, tolerant pets that don't try to "get back" at a grabby toddler. In fact, they want to be petted. Surprisingly enough, rats are perfect pets for kids in hospitals that have cancer or have had surgery. They are therapeutic animals that make you love them forever once you see their personality towards you.

8. Rats are cuddly and huggable. Rats are soft creatures that are good for hugging and loving on. They will love back!

9. Rats are quiet.  Rats are VERY quiet. They don't bark, hiss, or screech. They don't keep you up at night. People who had rats in a room whenever the landlord or their rodent-negative friends came to visit were never heard of or noticed.

10. Rats don't take up much room. Pet rat cages are usually no bigger than 4 feet tall. Living rooms or bedrooms are great places to keep rats, since the cages look modern and cool in those environments.

11. Rats don't need shots or many medical visits. Unlike dogs or cats, rats don't need expensive check-ups unless they are obviously hurt or sick. Spaying and neutering costs $20 per rat, but make sure it is a rat-savvy vet.

12. Rats are loyal. Once a pet rat owner had an unexpected seizure and the rat climbed out the cat door, climbed the top of the fence, and squeaked loudly for the next door neighbor. Rats are loyal, caring pets that care about their owners greatly and will even lose their lives for them.

13. Rats are entertaining and great stress busters. Rats are extremely fun pets to watch and interact with. A simple idea like a tissue box turns into a million ideas for a pet rat! 24/7 your pet rat will be doing something that will be fun to watch. Pet rat enthusiasts take rats to rehabilitation and nursing homes and let everyone watch the rat(s) play and even interact with the people! After a long stressful day at work, pet rat owners can play with their pet rats to relieve stress and anxiety, along with plenty of relaxation.

14. Rats come in all sorts of colors and styles. Rats aren't just white, they come in plenty of colors, sizes, and shapes to fit your needs and likes. Rats can be used for show in 4-H and other animal showing organizations to show off your rat's unique colors.

15. Rats are animals you will get very attached to. Karen Robbins, a rat owner, says: "I used to have goldfish. They were pretty, but when one died, I didn't get sad at all. They were simple to replace, and nobody felt bad." She recalls the day she got her rats. "My mom didn't want anything to do with them, but after a few days of having them, she loved them! She told me they were great pets and that she couldn't believe her feelings about them before." Having rats as pets is rewarding and satisfying. There are many great things about these misunderstood pets that people should know. "These little angels are the greatest." Robbin says. "Each of the many rats I have owned have given me so much love, affection, and joy - more than i could ever ask. I cannot imagine living my life without them."

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