Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pet Rat Tricks

Rats are smart and VERY trainable creatures.
Rat bowling is entertaining and fun!

Everyone loves to see animals preform tricks, right? Your pet rat(s) can do lots of tricks too! in fact, it's easier to train them than it is a dog. Just remember to go at the rat's pace and be careful with the amount of treats - a little goes a long way!

Hint: Buying a dog clicker to teach the rat hard commands is recommended.

simple tricks


Teach your rat to kiss your cheek. This is so easy and is probably already mastered by now. For shy rats, however, dab a little bit of peanut butter on your cheek and as the rat eats it, say "kiss." Click the clicker at the same time. After a few times, the rat will kiss you after the clicker goes off and you say "kiss."


All rats know how to beg! Simply hold a treat above the rat's head and say "beg." Let him get the treat as the reward. You can use your clicker if you have been using it before.


This trick is a must for rat-agility and show!(or just for fun!) Rats love jumping or crawling over things. A good object for this is a small ball or a long piece of wood on its side about 2-3 inches wide. Let the rat explore the obstacle before you jump into the whole idea, then when he is in front of the obstacle, hold the treat and drag it across in the air. Say "Over" and click the clicker. He will probably have his jaws clamped on the treat already, so get him over the jump before he can release his grip and eat it. This one may need a little more practice since the rat will need the motivation in order to get across for the first few tries.


Rats already like climbing on your shoulder, but will he stay there? Rats over the "baby" age will be calmer and like to hang out on your shoulder. To calm a nervous rat, give him treats and don't walk around, but sit on a chair or bed. Let him sit on your shoulder when you aren't totally focused on just him, like relaxing while watching TV. This is a simple way to keep your rat "out of the spotlight" and not feeling out of place.

Difficult tricks


Here's a cool trick to let your rat try. Get something that is lightweight and small, but not a thing so small your rat might ingest it. A small rubber ball or wood chew works great! Lay it by the rat and wait for him to accept it and put it in his mouth. When he does, reward him with a treat and say, "Good 'hold'!". Don't use the clicker this time, but any other time click it and say "hold." This is one of those tricks which the first try isn't a command, but simply waiting for the rat to see the object and use his instincts, then change that into something he does when you want him to.


First of all, say the rat's name. Try it over and over, petting and offering treats to your rat. Say: "Here, _____,"(fill in the rat's name) while giving him the treat. After the rat understands his name,(in about a few days,) stand a few feet away from him and hold a treat. Say: "Come," then say his name. Obviously, he will go for the treat, and when he does, reward him with: "Good Come!" Use the clicker if you like. Remember, repetition is the key. Soon, he will not need a treat and listen to your words only!


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