Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bunny Bowl, Super Bowl, or Puppy Bowl?

Today was a "Bowl" day. We watched the Puppy Bowl and every commercial break we checked out the Bunny Bowl goings on. We bought a new toy for the two bunnies and when the football-shaped cardboard tube was tossed, pushed, carried, or thrown under the TOUCHDOWN goalpost, they got 6 points. The two "teams" were the White Lightnings(Daisy) and the Black Knight(Lily). It was close when Lily and Daisy scored both around the same time, but it was not looking good for Daisy when Lily scored again. The game ended when the Puppy Bowl ended. Peanut's "Halftime Show" on her wheel was very entertaining for us, and perhaps it softened up the two rivals a little bit, but who knows? The prize was the new toy, and although Lily(aka the Black Knight) won fair and square, they both got their chew toys that were green and pink. While we watched the Puppy Bowl, we had some snacks!

If you have watched the Puppy Bowl you can comment below to tell us your favorite dog. Mine was the Siberian Husky, Aurora. She was cute and I wished I could snuggle with her so much!

Meet The Black Knight.
Also meet The White Lightning! (party hat not included!)

Daisy prepares herself for the game.

The snacks!

She says hi!

Ooh. That was humiliating! Daisy is embarrassed she lost against
the Black Knight!
Daisy likes her party hat.

Daisy does not enjoy the party hat on her head!

Daisy gets her chew toy!

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  1. Looks like you all had a great time,next year I'm coming to your house.


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