Friday, February 15, 2013

QUIZ: What Kind of Small Pet Is Best For You?

Enjoy Critter Corner's FIRST Critter Quiz! Friday's fun quiz is about the best small pet for you! Print out the page or use paper to keep track of your score. Have fun!

1. Do you have a lot of time to care for a pet?

A) No, I go to work or school.
B) I have plenty of time.
C) Yes, I have a lot of time, but I spend it doing other activities.

2. How big is your house?

A) Very small.
B) Average.
C) Gigantic!!

3. How many kids/siblings do you have?

A) Many.
B) 2-4 kids.
C) 0-1 kids.

4. Are you squeamish when it comes to smell?

A) Yes.
B) Not really.
C) Not at all.

5. Are you squeamish when it comes to type of pet?

A) No.
B) Not really.
C) Yes.

6. What pet-wanting personality do you have?

A) Affectionate
B) Active/Hilarious

7. How much maintenance are you willing to have to be responsible for?

A) Hopefully not a lot.
B) I don't mind how much.
C) As much as I need to.

8. Are you a first time pet owner?

A) Yes.
B) I have had a few pets in my lifetime.
C) No, I have lots of experience.

9. How long do you want your pet to live?

A) Not a very long time.
B) Average.
C) Long.

10. Do you really promise to love and care for your pet?

A) I will try.
B) Yes.
C) YES!!

RESULTS: (see below the post and click on the tags or use the search box to learn more about each animal.)

Mostly A's: A gerbil, hamster or mouse. 
Mostly B's: A ferret, guinea pig, or rat.
Mostly C's: A rabbit, chinchilla, or hedgehog. 

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