Wednesday, February 20, 2013

See Your Pet Hamster's Point of View

Hamsters are solitary creatures. Unlike other friendly animals like rats, rabbits, or ferrets, they are more quiet and can act strangely. If you get confused when you see your hamster doing the following things, here are the answers you need.

What your hamster is doing: Gnawing on cage

Your view: "Oh, Squeak must be trying to tell me something..... Hey, since when was his wheel all chewed up?"

His view: "I wish my owner would let me out! I am so bored! Must chew on things to wear down teeth!"

Solution: Give him items to chew on and/or let him in his hamster ball or play with him in some other way.

What your hamster is doing: Running away from your hand and squeaking at you

Your view: "What's wrong, little hamster? OW! He bit me!"

His view: "That mean human hand is trying to capture me! It is instinct for me to run away from things that try to hurt me!!"

Solution: Approach your hamster calmly and let him come to you. Never grab at him but keep your palm flat and let him crawl into your hand.

What your hamster is doing: Trying to escape or hide in a small place

Your view: "Oh, how cute. He's trying to play peekaboo with me! Now he's going to pop out! Right? Hey, Tiny! Where are you? Tiny????"

His view: "OH NO! My owner is trying to chase me! Help! I am so tired I wish I were home in my cage! Between the couch cushions will do for now...."

Solution: Once again, take care when playing with your hamster. Hamsters love small places to burrow, so be careful when it comes to playtime. If he seems bored or is trying to escape, it may be time to end playtime.

What your hamster is doing: Eyeing a nest of black and white cords under the side table.

Your view: "Oh, how nice. I am playing with Cutie and she is admiring my table, I think. She keeps going over there. Wait......Why won't the phone work? And is that the hamster laying over there under the table?"

His view: "I love to chew! Those black things over there look deeelicious! Yum Yum YU----"

Solution: Never let your hamster play by cords!  They can chew on them and die! Keep her or him in a safe room and possibly barricade off a small area you can supervise and play with him in. Never leave him alone and don't think of this as a permanent playpen/cage!

What your hamster is doing: Scurrying across the floor when he was SUPPOSED to be in the cage!??!!

Your view: "OH NO! Get the cat! The hamster is loooooooose!!"

His view: "Bingo! My owner left the cage door open. Now I can explore! Yippee- What was that noise?
(The cat's view: "OH yes... A nice tasty snack.... Time to pounce! Die, little critter! DIEEEE!! Ha ha ha ha ha!")

Solution: Be careful when it comes to closing the cage. If you seem to forget a lot, post a bold-lettered sticky note by the cage reminding you to remember to close it! (Also, when playing with the hamster, make sure other predatory animals are not around!!)

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  1. I thought two of these seemed a little least for me that is..... Some people really do freak out like that!


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