Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another Spotlight Critter: Peppermint!

We have a new Spotlight Critter here as well!

Hi, I'm Peppermint, a girl Nubian goat. I'm three months old and I'm sweet but I can be feisty! Pumpkin who is my mommy, my twin brother Pip, and my Auntie Mavis(really not my auntie)and I live and play outside. My favorite foods are raisins and sunflower seeds. I love it when my owners take me and my family out into the woods and bend down little trees for us to eat. I would love to be on Critter corner because it's so AWESOME! :D

(Nubian Goats look like this: 

They are suuuupper cute with their little floppy ears and pretty colors. Alpine Goats have upright ears that are pointy.)


  1. This goat is adorable I would love to have one on my farm!


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