Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Products that don't test on animals

Yeah, I know. This is a short list. There's many more products out there. I'll be sure to add onto this one too. Okay guys, and listen, New York Color (NYC)is so confusing so I won't add it because their website never clarifies they REALLY do not test. Also several vegan websites state emails they sent inquiring about the testing were never replied.

100% pure
Acne Free
Bare Essentials
Beauty Without Cruelty
Burt's Bees
Free And Clear
Gold Bond
Proactive Sol.
Sally Hansen
Sea Breeze
Bath &Body Works(Specially marked products)

To see if they test of not, there is a symbol of a rabbit (the international poster child) that states cruelty free or says "not tested". Some products that do test say, FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE AND SAFETY WE TEST OUR PRODUCTS or some other thing like that. Remember, just because something says All Natural doesn't mean it helps nature or animals. Thats a common mistake when searching for only cruelty free products. I really have gotten into making others aware of testing on animals and how terrible it is even past April. It's especially horrible if you have a pet yourself and couldn't imagine anyone doing that to an animal. Go to PETA.com/ BeautyWithoutBunnies to see a search box for certain "cruelty free" or "cruelty plus"products.

My list was just of super common things that people have in their homes. (If you are unsure about New York Color you can do more research but from what I've seen it looks like the nail polish company does test.)

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