Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mickey Introduces Himself

Mickey: As everyone knows, I may have not made a proper introduction.
Daisy: Riiiight.
Mickey:  So I might as well do that.
Daisy:  Uh huh.
Mickey:  AHEM! So hi everyone! I'm Mickey. A hamster. Cool, right?
Daisy: Yahuh.
Mickey:  Is that all you say?
Daisy: Sorta.
Mickey: Well, Sheesh.
Daisy: Yeah. You're telling me that.
Mickey: Well You used to do a "Daisy and Peanut News Whatchamacallit" So I thought I would be part of that now. You know, a "Daisy and Mickey News Whatc-"
Daisy: I get it! Sure. Fine. Whatever.
Mickey: Well don't have to be mean about it. The news? The questions? What happened to them?
Daisy: I guess we could have a news report. But you'll never take Peanut's place.
Mickey: I didn't say that at all. I simply asked to be part of the things you used to do with Peanut.
Daisy: FINEEEE. 
Mickey: Well if we do news reports for Julia's blog we have to get along.
Daisy: FIRST of all, my owner prefers the name Nature Girl, second of all, why are you so optimistic?
Mickey: Well why are you so GRUMPY?
Daisy: Because you're so optimistic.
Daisy: Now leave me alone.
Mickey: But...
Mickey: Ugh. Fine. If you want to be alone it's fine with me. I mean, seriously.
Daisy: Whatever. I guess you can stay as long as you aren't annoying.
Mickey: Well if you think being nice is annoying, then yes, I will be.
Daisy: Hey. Let's just get this over with.
Mickey: Grump.
Daisy: Teachers pet.
Mickey: Hey! Where did that rude comment come from?? So now you think I'm a "Teacher's pet," Huh?
Daisy: Well you just seem to get more love because, well, you know..... You're just....
Sorta... Uh...Er... chubby.
Mickey: So you're jealous of me because I'm chubby.
Daisy: Yeah. And cute.
Mickey: But you know our owner never would favor one pet because he was new. People like that lose interest of their pets and neglect them. OUR owner would never do such a thing. Even I know that. 
Daisy: Well. I guess you have learned something. But I'm still not doing the news today. Too tired of arguing. 
Mickey: Same here.
Mickey: And I'm also REALLLLLLLYYYYY sorry for being so optimistic.
Daisy: Um, you don't have to be sorry. I was acting kinda weird.
Mickey: Still, I want to set things straight.
Daisy: So we'll see you soon folks, with answers to your questions, and plenty of news!
Mickey: And Me! Oh, and Daisy of course. Heeh heh.
Daisy: Yes. plenty of ME! Oh, and him. Anyways, bye. Next post, sugar glider nutrition!
Mickey: What's a sugar glider? 
Daisy: You'll see. Anyways, BYEEE!
Mickey: YAAAWWnnn... Yah. Bye. Gotta goo to sleeeeppp.. Now.... HonkShu....

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