Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cat Training Tips

When training cats, remember that cats, unlike dogs, don't do a trick to see the owner happy, they want something out of it. Use a yummy treat for your cat when training him.

Cats get bored easily, and they slink away at any time. Keep it simple and don't push it.

Train your cat in a room without any other animals in it to avoid distraction.

Use a clicker for your cat.

Let your cat explore what you're going to do. For example, if your cat is going to jump into a hoop, let him sniff and sit in the hoop beforehand.

Put treats in the area and around the prop if you need one to get the cat to trust it.

Never force your cat to go in or do something.

If you are using multiple commands in one trick, do each trick individually, then put them together slowly.

If you are performing in front of a crowd, use your friends or family first to test out his shyness. Let him see where he'll be performing beforehand.

Be clear when telling your cat commands.

Start simple.

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