Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Everybody loves Critter Corner!

A year ago I probably would've been very surprised if I saw the success of Critter Corner now. Thank you everyone for reading CC and giving us such positive feedback over this time! Remember that CC's "birthday" is coming up on October 18, and I hope to have lots of comments on that post! So I'd like to thank everybody in the USA for reading Critter Corner and making it a top web search. I also thank all of our Canadian friends and those in the United Kingdom, Austrailia, Russia, and various countries. As you may have noticed, I added lots more labels and tabs for easier web search. And PLEASE remember to scroll down to the very bottom of the blogs home page - there is a lot of great info and plenty of fun tips, polls, and more! An important feature at the bottom of the home page is a translator for different languages to make blog enjoyment easier and more flexible for those who need it. Also, I hope for more subscribers - it's easier to check in on CC when you can't always go to our site. Sorry about the "submit" button glitch appearance, I noticed that a while ago and couldn't fix it but it gives no problems to your email address or account. I was worried someone may think it's spam or a virus link, but that is just how the Blogger gadget was. ):
Anyways, thank you everybody for supporting me and my blog. When I I started it up I figured it would be for my family and friend's enjoyment only. Now I am so grateful for all these viewers and subscribers! Thank you Cute Overload, My House Rabbit, House Rabbit Society, The Daily Bunny, and more for making my blog an even bigger success! If you have a blog as well, dear readers, and you comment on one of my posts, I will be sure to check it out. I love seeing all my reader's pets! Also, if you have a critter question, just put it on as Ask Us, not a post related to your question. I will be able to answer it faster. If you submitted a question via email or Ask Us, be sure to check back on it - I have replied, most likely. If you would like to submit a suggestion for the blog or ask a detailed critter question, submit it at the Suggestions feature. I love getting those suggestions to help make CC a more fun place! 

I hope everybody will read the October 18 Tribute To CC post coming up, as it has lots of highlights and FUN! See you soon!

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