Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Great Bunn Products for Rabbits and their owners by Daisy!

Hello, It's Your favorite bunny... Daisy! 

What's goin' on, you ask? Well the buzz around here is some new rabbit products I've been checking out for all my bunny friends to see. My friends include some great bunn-bloggers like the ones at My House Rabbits Bunny Blog or Lola the Lovely Lop... Well you get the picture! 

The first product all you rabbits out there need this fall is a very nice pen on Amazon.com. It comes with a red material thing underneath it. Finally, a pen specifically for bunnies! On the market! Mine works just fine, but this is great! 

Next up, we have a product for house bunny owners out there. 
Support HRS and their bunnies in need with DVDs about rabbit ilnesses and care. I think it's extremely important to be able to see the signs and it helps rabbits that HRS rescues. Please go to rabbit.org for more information.

Next we have a Marshall Pet Comfort Harness decked in cool fall colors. This is great for rabbits who love to take walks outdoors like me. The leash and harness is secure and comfy for bunny and owner. I would TOTALLY wear this trend!
Next we have a cool looking product by Fins, Furs, & Feathers inc. This looks great to chew on and fun to hide in. It would be a great addition to your home and the wood is 100% safe!

Finally a product my owner has and proudly can say she LOVES! This is a great down-to-earth guide for both beginners and experienced bunn owners! T his should be the first guide you purchase before you add a bunny to your heart and home! 5 star rating from a bunny like me and it has GREAT medical info that can save your pets life!  

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