Sunday, October 13, 2013

The wonderful life of a rabbit owner......

"What are you doing?" asks my house bunny with her brown eyes.
Why must rabbits ask these questions? She moves her ears in an irresistible way and the next minute she is stretched out on the couch. 
"Now you better not - " She tosses the remote on the floor. 
She jumps off the couch and starts chewing the remote buttons. Suddenly, the channel changes to some weird informercial about Tupperware containers. 
Her nose twitches in her little laughing-like way.

This is what it is like to have a rabbit as a pet. They are affectionate and loving but also stubborn and annoying. 

Daisy will grump, mutter, grump and gripe, and has something to say about everything. 
Feeding her dinner? "You're not doing it fast enough!"
 Adding hay? "You woke me up for THIS???"
 Cleaning the litterbox? "I wasn't done with that yet!" 
What mischief is "The Bun" getting into?

And yet she still is super affectionate and will groom my hair and clothes often. She leans into her head scratches and clicks her teeth in pleasure when she gets a massage. She nuzzles your nose and follows by your legs when you walk around and is as-sweet-as-you-please to house visitors. 
Then again, she is as stubborn as a mule.
She will not listen to what you say, but rabbits cannot be really trained to do tricks. 
On her harness, she pulls and wants to explore every area of the yard, making the person on the other end trip and fall.

When you want her to do something she doesn't care. She can't be punished, either. As prey animals, if I hit or yelled at a bunny, they might be scared to death. Rabbits can only be barricaded and closed off.

She has a mind of her own and is filled with personality. Rabbits are not starter pets and need LOTS of room to show of their unique personalities. Most people consider them farm pets and don't think of them as cats and dogs in smaller packages. BUT... they are! Bunnies are animals that act just like cats and dogs mixed into one - therefore they shouldn't be stuck in a cage all day! If somebody read this and said "Ha! Rabbits are boring and they don't have personalities.", they'd be wrong. A bored rabbit is boring and if they are treated like the stereotype animals(cute, cuddly, easy pets,)they AREN'T, then they will act boring and will not show off those unique personalities... Or rather rabbit-alities!

My bun is watching me type away. 

Uh oh.
She's hopping over. She's sniffing the keyboard. She puts her two front paws on it.bhububuhbbhububjhjinkjjjkjhijhjihihihihjihihihihihihihihihhjijh Hhhhhhhh hhhhhjj jdkklkjljkokjonbjnnbjnbfun  funjhhhhdhsshshshs.   Hjjjj$$$$$)))(€€€#%%%^

Sorry. Bunny keyboard attack. 

"When will you feed me?" My bunny asks.

I sigh.

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