Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Some Rat Books

It is hard to find books for new rat owners, but at our local library I found some excellent selections. 

This is my favorite book, and it explains EVERYTHING in a way that both experienced rattie owners and new rat owners can understand. The title sounds like a children's book, but is full color, and is actually explained in an adult manner but I think even the youngest rat lover could understand it.

My Rat by Gerd Ludwig
Front cover

Back cover

Some inside photos

I love the "did you know?" facts as well.

This book isrobably the best down- to-earth book and should be a first choice. It's well worth the money and I recommend it to be in a rat owner's "library!"

Next, this book is slightly more from a higher level, but it is pretty helpful - just lacks the feature of being both detailed and really easy to understand for first time rat owners.

RATS - Practical Advice from the Expert
By Debbie Ducommun

Front cover

Back cover

Photos inside

As a conclusion, both books were great to look through, and will serve as valuable information for future rats! (:

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