Monday, January 21, 2013

Small Pet Must-Haves for 2013

The products are in! From cages to toys to more, these products are the best for your pet.



This chinchilla chew attaches to a cage. It has two ledges, one on the bottom and one on the top. Four refillable columns are covered with colorful chews for your chinchilla to sit under the platforms and chew on.

Bunny Bunch Boutique

Grass Tunnel

A natural, woven grass activity center for a small pet like a guinea pig or dwarf rabbit. It is safe for them to consume. The size is 51/2 to 6 inches in diameter.

Prevue Pet Products

Pet Crocks

Ceramic, premium-quality pet feeding crocks come in four fun colors: bubble gum pink, sky blue, lime green and lavender. Small pets cannot chew or break these bowls, and they are dishwasher safe.

APD Pet Inc. and American Pet Diner Inc. 

Bedding and Litter 

CareFRESH Hide n Seek Nestables

This recycled-paper bedding is 100% biodegradable and provides burrowing and nesting behavior for small animals like mice and hamsters. Available in three no-run, no-stain colors: Confetti, Mardi Gras, and Desert.
Absorption Corp

Cages and Carriers

Limited Edition Critter Kit

This kit turns a Sleepy-pod Mini for dogs and cats into a carrier for ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas and hedgehogs. The Critter Kit consists of a mesh hammock and a litter tray. The mesh hammock allows air to circulate around and below the pet, separating it from the litter. The top has a handle and a mesh cover that provides enough air for your pet.

Hamster Haven

These multiple level cages provide ample room for hamsters in either a small, medium, or large-size cage. It is complete with two large doors big enough to reach your hamster easily. Accessories include platforms, ramps, exercise wheels and a hideaway dome based on the cage size.
Prevue Pet Products Inc.

Food and Treats

Tropical Carnival Natural

Tropical Carnival Natural Fortified Daily Diets are fun and nutritious for pets while maintaining the important features of what says "natural."
F.M Brown's Sons Inc.

Vitakraft Fresh & Natural Hay

Give your pet hamster, rabbit, guinea pig, rat, chinchilla or mouse delicious choices of 100% American-grown hay in three choices: Sweet Grass Timothy Hay, Alfalfa High Protein Hay, and Orchard Grass Soft-Stemmed Grass Hay. Best of all, you can easily feed your pet, thanks to pet-sized bales expanded into ideal pre-cut single serving slices. 
VitaCraft Sunseed Inc.

Sunseed AnimaLovens

Sunseed AnimaLoven treats are natural, oven-baked treats for pet rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs. Available in a variety of mouthwatering flavors, including  Apple Strudel, Pretzel Sticks, and Garden Wafers, AnimaLovens are made with all-natural flavors like apples and vegetables that taste great for pets!
VitaKraft Sunseed Inc.


Critter Rainbow Munch

The Critter Rainbow Munch provides a fun refillable twist to the average pet chew. This string of chews hangs on the top of your pet's cage, and unlike the boring wood chews you usually get your pet rabbit, this pet chew is adorned with things like seed and nut-filled willow balls, loofah sticks, pine-cones and more!


Random pet owners at were asked about their favorite pet products of 2011-2013. Here are some comments in the website's past magazines.

"My hamster cannot go without his treat of PURINA Gourmet Bites!"

"I would be a sworn enemy if I took away my ferret's Ferret Nation hammock.....They LOVE 'em!"

"Nature's Miracle Stain and Odor Remover. I use it on the cage, the litter boxes, even the floors! I love how it is safe for the pets.....Now that's a Miracle!"

"I have a spunky lil' chinchilla named Chester. He loves Oxbow Hay Hideaway and he also enjoys 'Yogies!' treats."

"Although our family's bunny passed away, he did love SuperPet Products. Especially his litter-box and sleeping bed!"

"My guinea pigs ABSOLUTELY LOVE their Oxbow Cavy Cousine. They also like small treats like PURINA Apple-Flavored Chips for special occasions."

"One of the best cage/carrier I ever got for my hamster was the BioBubble. It was an ideal portable container that provided everything my son's hamster needed. Best of all, it could be used for my daughter's science fair project when we got rid of it."

"I feed my ferret Sunshine Factor vita-supplements that help his coat shiny and his insides running smoothly. Good for me, and my little buddy!"

"I love Cute Overload Calendar! So cute and unique!"

"The BEST bedding ever is Green Dreamzzz! My chinchilla loves to sleep in this soft bedding that is 100% natural and leaves no dust or debris. I LOVE it just as much as my pets do.......It works for rabbits, hamsters, and other pets too!"


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