Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday's Critter Debate: RAT VS. MOUSE!

Although I like both animals, many want to know...... Who is the Perfect Pet? We will find out on today's  Saturday Critter Debate, only on Critter Corner! With our host..... Peanut!

Peanut: Thank you, thank you....We welcome you to the Critter Corner Pet Debate. Our subject? Rat Versus Mouse! Our past poll was on the subject of pet rats, and the results are in!

"I have never owned a pet rat, but I think they would make good pets": 47%

"I have owned pet rats before, and they make the best pets!":25%

"I have never owned a pet rat, and I never will": 25%

"I have owned a pet rat before, and they do not make good pets:" 3%

Thank you, voters!

Oh, and...... HERE are the contestants!!!......

Spike, a rat, and Angel, a mouse! How does it feel to be on the show?

Spike: Great!

Angel: Very nice...

Peanut: Good! Get ready now, because it is time for the national Critter Debate!

Let's start with the rat. It says here that rats live 2-3 years. Is that right, Spike?

Spike: Yes.

Peanut: Good. But here it says that mice live only 1-2 years. Hmm...

(crowd cheers: Go rats!)

Peanut: What about size? In size here, it says that rats are easier for humans to handle than mice. Rats can sit on a shoulder, but mice are so small they can be easily squished. What about that, Angel?

Angel: Uh...

Peanut: Here it says rats need to be in groups of two or more, but mice need seven friends or more. You can't just get one of each. Oh, and on the wall a vote went up for the rat!

(crowd cheers: RAT! RAT! We want rat!)

Angel: Heh, heh....uh....

Spike: Yes! Thank you all!

Peanut: Its not over yet, Spike. It says that rats want to be with their owners often, but mice don't bond with owners, but they are still fun to watch in the cage.

Is that a drawback?

(crowd cheers louder and louder: RAT! RAT! WE WANT RATS! GO RATS! GO SPIKE! NO MICE! RATS! RATS! RATS!)

Peanut: Okay, let's not make our Angel feel bad.... On to the subject of daily time commitment. Rats want to be played with, but mice don't seem to care if their owner forgets a day or two. How do you answer to that?, Angel?

Angel: W-w-well.....

Peanut: EXACTLY. Here it says that rats do not need to have cage cleanings every day. They can be trained to use a litter-box. Mice will "go" wherever they go. They have a very musty smell to their waste, while rats have no smell at all! Talk about messy! 

Ooh, Spike, you might not win this one. It says rats need bigger cages than mice. Sorry Spik--

(crowd screams: WE WANT RATS!)

Peanut: Well, whadda you know?

Anyway, it says rats are better than mice because they do not bite or nip and they love to play. While a mouse would not tolerate squeezing from a child or "dress-up," a rat sure would!

That is all of the list of reasons why rats are better than mice. Of course, if you have mice, Critter Corner loves all critters, but if you are choosing between a rat or mouse for a pet, then you can determine the better pet. The votes will end soon, so cast your vote in on our poll NOW!
Thank you Spike and Angel!

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