Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In The Dentist Chair pt 1

There are some questions that you would feel embarrassed asking anyone. Most of them are things you just think of on spare time, others are things you know nobody would know, and still others are just plain ridiculous. In the "ridiculous" category, there is a question that is pretty obvious when you consider it: "Do pets go to the dentist?" Well, no, of course not! I mean, have you, a person of curiosity, a person who searches the web and randomly finds this blog online, thinking it is just a normal everyday blog that someone has just posted on once, ever been searching for strange things outside your car window while driving(which is not the best idea)? Have you ever seen a "Pet Dental Care" sign on a building where owners are walking their pets in on leashes? Well? The answer is no. Although there is no sort of place like that, pets instead have the vets monitor their dental health at the clinic. Pet's mouths and teeth are just as important as people's teeth, though. Here are some ways to be sure to keep your pet's oral health important.

Doggy Breath

Dogs are most likely to get gum disease or rotten teeth.Why is this? Well, it is so much harder to really watch what dogs eat. You dog could have just eaten roadkill off the road, and he is licking your face. Rabbits and other small animals are easier. They are vegetarians, so even if they did eat something unknown it would be a carrot or something else. Since they are smaller, you watch out for them anyway, because you are more worried they could be hurt. But dogs, well, let's just say they are pretty unpredictable when it comes to food.  Once a dog decided that the carpet would taste delicious, and he tore up and ate the rug!! So if you cannot watch what your dog consumes, (although you always should because it could be poison), set up a doggy camera and also train him not to eat those kinds of things! Dentastix(dog chews) are good for this, but still, dogs really have that bad breath smell. YUK! Coconut oil(see "Natural Remedies for Dog Arthritis" post) works great and it has a nice smell! 

Peanut's teeth never stop growing! That's why you
 should always give your hamster wood blocks to chew.


  1. It was fun visiting your blog and I hope you become veterinarian soon as u said. God bless..

    Dentist in New York

    1. Thank You! I hope you enjoyed the one about animal oral care! It was probably cool to read about animal's teeth as you are a dentist! (:


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