Thursday, January 24, 2013

Speak To Me

Although rabbits cannot talk vocally, they can show you many different body languages. Here are many of the body languages your rabbit may show you and what they mean.

Daisy tells us that she is resting now.

"What do you want to do?"

Daisy is curious and wants to play.
 Note that she now looks like a baby rabbit then when she
 was sitting and looked more mature.

Daisy is very comfortable.

It is a blur when she is digging in the blankets!

"Hmmm....What could be in here?"

The "periscope bunny."

Calm and open to petting.

Daisy is less friendly now. "I am about to go to sleep..."

Sniff sniff, "What's this camera thingie?"

A gesture for more petting. 

Rabbits will bump you on the leg to get your attention.

About to lay down.

Side view.

Front view.
Eating a carrot.

Shaking head back and forth with tissue paper in mouth.

Daisy sees something.

The Official Daisy Look (TM).

About to stand up.

"I have to use the litter box."

VERY FUNNY! Grooming paw while laying down!

"Hey! I didn't know there were grapes in here!"

An affectionate lick means I am a loved owner and Daisy
 has let me into her "group" of rabbits. Rabbits groom each other in the wild.

"Ooh....A hole to stick my head through." Rabbits use their litter boxes as
a place to sit, too.

Turning her head.

"Oh, hi there!"

This is Daisy's favorite place to sleep and groom.

Daisy likes to eat the hay and bedding out of the litter box before using it!

"Bye, Everyone!"

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