Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cute Overload

For my birthday, I always get a calendar of some sort because it's so close to New Year's, and this year one of my friends gave me a Page a Day calendar so every day you see a picture. It's called Cute Overload, and it is adorable. I just started it a week ago, and I have been saving the especially cute ones as posters. Maybe I can start a Wall of Cuteness! MOST of the pictures are small critters, but there are a lot of dogs and cats too. It comes with stand, a Cute Definition Glossary(for example, "hammeh": a tiny cute creature that inhabits tube-filled, bedding areas and stuffs food in it's cheeks), and  whole year's worth of Page-a-Day IMPOSSIBLY Cute Photos along with captions AS IF it wasn't cute ENOUGH! I don't know if you have to order it online or not, but the website is: www.cuteoverload,com. Maybe you would like to get it late, or even buy the 2014 one, and if so, I know you will not be disappointed and, in fact, you will even be excited to see the "cute of the day" that will cheer up even the grumpiest person!

So cute!

The size of the calendar is perfect to fit on a desk.

The creative captions are both cute and hilarious.

Small animals like hedgehogs fill this calendar.

These pictures and captions make you wonder if this could possibly happening for real.


  1. Very cute calendar. I always get a new one every year at Christmas too. Calendar's make great gifts.

  2. I agree. I always end up with quite a few by the time Christmas ends, but I don't mind.


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