Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Updates and Other News

Daisy: We are back with some more critter news this week.

Peanut: YES.....

Daisy: So, Peanut, what is the news for this week......

Peanut: YES.....

Daisy: Uhhhhh.....

Peanut: YES.....

Daisy: IS THAT ALL???

Peanut: YES.....

Daisy: ARGHHHHHHH!!! >faints<

Peanut: Okay, Okay..... SORRY.....We have the news today..... Uh...(flips through paper..) Oh, here we are.....
This Valentine's Day, we are going to have some special critter valentine's day contest telling us a pet or animal or person or some person in your life you love! Other news includes someone's birthday is coming up soon......

Daisy: Oh.....Hi, Peanut.....Where am I?

Peanut: Daisy, I CAN'T hear you! Speak louder!

Daisy: I am....

Peanut: (sighs) ANYWAY.... I am sure you were wondering about YOURS TRULY these past weeks.

Daisy: I was?

Peanut: I am talking about our AUDIENCE, you ridiculous rabbit!

Daisy: Hey, do you know that is a serious insult to rabbit kind?

Peanut: Yes.

Daisy: But, b-b-but - I.....(splutter) HOW DARE YOU!

Peanut: Back to the news. YOURS TRULY....The great Peanut.......is perfectly fine. Although I did have a small injury a while ago, my eye is perfectly great!

Daisy: (sighs)

Peanut: Daisy, your turn! You are in charge of the comments we get often. Why don't you give out some special shout-outs to those "commenters" out there!

Daisy: (pushes button on printer, paper spurts out) ALRIGHT... lets see..... Okay, good.

Peanut: What?

Daisy: None of your earwax!

Peanut: FYI, "For your info", It's beeswax, not EARWAX!

Daisy: Oh, uh, right.... "None of your beeswax.." What does that have to do with ANYTHING??? 

Peanut: I dunno. I don't make up any of those pointless sayings.

Daisy: ANYWAY.....Here are the comments of this past week:

On the "Ask Us" page, we saw this comment....

"I have never owned a pet but I am thinking about getting one. What do you suggest as a first pet?"
We replied to "Anonymous's" question, along with many other's question.

A suggestion someone called "Cat lover girl" told us was an idea to make a cat hammock like the hamster hammock on the "Crafty Critters" section. Thanks, Cat lover girl!

A nice girl named Jenna commented on the "Contests and Events" section, wishing Daisy a Happy Birthd-


Another person also commented for my birthday, saying they had a rabbit too!

Peanut: And a VERY special announcement is that Daisy is now old enough to have her own profile! 

Daisy: Maybe even my own blog?? 

Peanut: Maybe, but for now... Let's just focus on a small section of Critter Corner! Go ahead and check it out!

Daisy: Oh boy! I will!

Peanut: This is your blog, you big silly!

Daisy: Oh.

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  1. Hi GUYS it's me Daisy! I cannot WAIT for my new mini blog area!


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