Sunday, January 13, 2013

From Bunnies to Magazines and More...

Unlike my usual post about the care of pets, today I have to announce the upcoming magazine, The Daily Critter. It is a home-printed magazine, and it cannot be sold to the blog-readers,  but Critter Corner will put excerpts online for you to see! The picture is here and can also be seen in the Gallery. 

Another magazine-related announcement is that Nature Girl has decided to order a Critters magazine on, an awesome website that you should check out if you have not yet done this. Even better, you should buy and read the magazine, which can only be found online. The magazine, which is filled with articles, quizzes, and more about critters, is a yearly issue, so it is very thick and has more than 120 pages of critter enthusiast-friendly stuff for you and your critter that has experts you can count on!

Finally, I remember a rabbit loving someone saying "that dogs and cats seemed to have endless websites and nobody ever devotes any websites truly to rabbits." Well, this is not true. If you look extra hard you can find some great websites just for these furry-eared pals, along with other some other great critters too. Of course, it is hard to spend a lot of time searching for them, so I found these rabbit-safe websites that you can add to your Favorites list so you can always find them.

 Bunny Bunch Boutique,

 Bunny Bytes,

 The Busy Bunny,

 Cats & Rabbits & More,

Leith Petwerks,

Marshall Pet Products,

Oxbow Animal Health,

The House Rabbit Society,


Rabbit Shop,

SuperPet Pet Products,

Vet RX,

American Rabbit Breeders,

LM Animal Farm,

I hope this helped!


  1. I didn't know there were so many magazines and web sites out there Thank you I will check some of them out.

  2. Wow, these are really neat! Great resouces


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