Monday, January 7, 2013

Critter Corner Challenge

This is Critter Corner and we are going to announce a special "Critter Corner Challenge!" I noticed that people are not reading any other pages besides the home page here on the blog. If you do not know what they are, we will tell you. Crafty Critters is a cool craft area where every Wednesday, you can check in to read special posts with things to make for pets. Watch a Video is where you can watch videos that have to do with Critter Corner. Ask Us is were you can ask questions about critters, and read some FAQ about critter topics. My Pets is a "Scrapbook" that shows all the pets I own. Finally, Contests and Events is a cool area to enter free, easy, and fun contests that require only a Blogger account to comment on the page. To choose a page, click on one of the tabs and the chosen one will pop up. Like the Home page, you can comment on and read the pages.

Alright, now to the Challenge! Your Challenge is to tell friends and family about Critter Corner. Tell them the keyword is: If you know any animal lovers, tell them too! You want to make Critter Corner the coolest critter blog around! Besides, there is no blog like Critter Corner!

So remember, your challenge is: 
  1. To tell at least 3 people you know about Critter Corner.
  2. To enter a contest or event.
  3. To read one of the other pages.
  4. To try out the poll.

Critter Corner is counting on you!!

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