Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ferret Love

This Valentine's Day, have fun with your pet ferret and give him some special love.

I hope you noticed the background change for Valentine's Day,(which will be changed today due to Daisy's upcoming birthday!!) and it reminded me of the holiday(if that's what you could call it?!?) that is also coming up soon. Your pet ferret should be important to you already, but this Valentine's Day, make him extra special. Here are some cool ideas to make him feel "loved!" 

  • Ferrets can eat(although the cats and dogs don't enjoy it) cat and dog food. Of course, don't do this. Instead, get a "dog cookie" shaped like a heart--or a dog biscuit or chew toy.
  • Buy him a brand new toy like a Frisbee or a ferret chew toy. Ferrets love tunnels--you don't even have to buy something for him, you can just get some big tubes or pipes like PVC tubes. They love it!
  • Cuddle your ferret like usual, but MORE often. Some ferrets like cuddling, but some would rather run around and play. Play with him more often too.
  • Rearrange his cage to make it more interesting.
  • Give him red and pink tissue paper to hide in.
  • Play some games such as "Find the Kibble," or even "Find the Ferret!"
  • Take a cute picture of him with Valentine's Day-related props.

"Super Pet" Holiday Challenge: Is your pet up to the challenge? Whether you have a dog or a hamster, create a cute mailbox with valentines, treats, and a few pet toys. At dollar stores, you can buy some cheap but cute mailboxes that are big enough to fit these things in. I hope you take the "Super Pet" Holiday Challenge!

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