Monday, January 14, 2013

Senior Buns

Daisy: This post is all about senior rabbits, or "buns," a nickname for the word "bunnies." I personally wonder why I have to have something to do with this blog, because I am not, what you may say, old. I am, in fact, nearly 3 years old, which is like, a mature adult in the rabbit world, like, say, 25, or even 30. Okay, not 30, but like, 20. Yeah, 20. When you are anywhere between "weeks" or "days", you are a kid. When you are in "months," it's like a teenager, and in "years", you are an adult. When you reach 7 years you are an old rabbit, like 75 years. A rabbit that lives over 10 years is like a 110 year old person! Wow! I don't know if that is good or bad, but..... Well, I had better stop now. You know how I get carried away!

Signs of an Aging Rabbit

Sleeping More Often

Your rabbit will not want to romp around the house, but instead, you will find him snuggling in a certain place. A good idea is to get a little dog or cat bed and put it in a place where you are very often. You will also notice he does not climb stairs or other things like he used to.

Not using the Litter-Box

Rabbits can get arthritis, so he may not be able to hop into his litter-box like usual. Low opening litter-boxes are good when you cannot be there to lift him into his box.

Not Grooming as Well

Your pet bunny will almost always get arthritis as he gets older. Soon, it will be difficult for him to groom himself like normal and this could lead to a smelly pet. A baby wipe or barely wet washcloth can help this problem.

Care Tips

Excerpts about senior rabbit care from Bunny Bunch S.P.C.R president and founder of the rescue organization, Caroline Charland. The complete article can be found in the Rabbits magazine, which can be purchased online at

Living Quarters

Keep living quarters safe, comfortable, and clean. Remove any item that could have potential danger to your rabbit. At Bunny Bunch, we cover bricks in fake sheepskin to give our rabbits something to lean against.... Rabbits also enjoy having pillows to rest their heads against too.....We also use washable pee pads for our rabbits via litter boxes because it hurts their feet with or without a metal grate.

Another Rabbit

I strongly recommend that rabbits live with at least one other rabbit.... In old age we see rabbits do amazing things for each other. Some rabbits will clean each other's eyes or groom their fur...... A rabbit that has become blind does much better when living with another rabbit...... They will guide the other one around and let them lean on him.

Lots of Love

Spend time with your rabbit. Senior rabbits are very sweet and they rarely ever want to be left alone. Even the friskiest rabbit here at Bunny Bunch becomes calmer and laid-back once he is older. 

Happy Days for Rabbits

Nowadays, many pet rabbits are spending their life enjoying free-run of a house or a special room. The danger of outdoor living is gone. Today's house rabbits are living to be 12, 13, or even 14 years old. 
People are more aware of rabbit care now. They are taking their pet rabbits to the veterinarian, feeding them safe foods, and making sure they are living in a good environment, not making the horrible decision of living outdoors. At the Bunny Bunch Burrow, the organization I founded, people come to learn about rabbits. Every day a rabbit gets a loving home as a true member of the family. As more and more people own rabbits, people will start to notice them and understand them better. They will realize that rabbits are like a cat or dog, a pet rather than a wild animal. At Bunny Bunch, we care for our rabbits in the best way possible, which contributes to giving our rabbits a longer life span, and hopefully a great home with a caring family.

Go to to see rabbits you can adopt today and give a loving home forever!

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